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Re: Netscape CACHE Indizierer

	Edlef Stabenau meinte  am  03.08.95  um  12:42 zum Thema
	"Netscape CACHE Indizierer":

	>Man kann die Daten (gifs...) ja  noch  relativ  einfach
	>auswerten, aber kinderleicht ist es mit dem Windowspro-
	>gramm Indexer!  Statt vieler (eigener) Worte: 

	>What is Indexer ?
	>Indexer  is  an  easy to use, windows based application
	>that makes an index of your Netscape cache.
	Da hab' ich auch noch einen:
Organisat. : Jennings Communications, Inc
Absender   : peterj _at__ netcom.com  (Peter Jennings)
Betreff    : SOFTWARE: PC Index and Search Tool Indexes Netscape Cache
Datum      : Fr 21.07.95, 03:13  (erhalten: 24.07.95)
[ Article crossposted from comp.infosystems.www.users,comp.infosystems.www.misc ]
[ Author was Peter Jennings ]
[ Posted on Fri, 21 Jul 1995 01:49:03 GMT ]

HIDX is a new tool for indexing and searching local html, text,
and graphic documents. The output is a browsable html document
showing the title of html documents and the image for GIFs and JPGs.
Index the netscape disk cache and revisit what you have seen
in the last week or more without connecting to the net. Graphics
are displayed as icons or thumbnails. Links point to the original.
Index and search saved documents. Build your own library of html
references. Search the cache for working html examples.
Index your library of graphics and html documents. Cross index
html files by referenced documents and GIFs.
Fast cataloging of local text, graphic, and html files.
Netscape disk cache index includes links to local and original document.
HTML documents listed by title as extracted from the contents.
Form based filter criteria: drive, root directory, search subdirectories,
                            filename mask, text search masks.
Full document text search for content, URLs, and html tags.
Output paged to avoid huge documents.
Graphic display size controllable. Thumbnail large images.
"Update" link on each page for instant re-indexing.
Information and download:  <URL:http://mall.turnpike.net/~jc/share.htm>
--                                          peterj _at__ netcom.com

NEW! MagicKey 1.20 popup URL grabber/database/typer for DOS/Win3.1.
NEW! BatMan 1.00 run DOS BAT files from your browser.

           JCI Shareware:  http://mall.turnpike.net/~jc/

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