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Web forms for ILL requests, etc.

Es geht um Fernleihbestellungen im weiteren Sinne per WWW. Es wurde 
eine Anfrage gestellt, ob es so etwas schon gaebe und die Resonanz war 
ueberraschend stark. Ich sehe allerdings nur Adressen mit ".EDU" und 
".CA", aber keine ".DE" oder ".CH" oder ... ??? Aus diesem Grunde 
stelle ich die gleiche Frage hier nochmal: Gibt es so etwas in 
unserer Umgebung auch?

Michael Schaarwaechter

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Date sent:      Wed, 11 Jan 1995 10:37:09 EST
From:           robertson _at__ tesla.njit.edu
To:             web4lib _at__ library.berkeley.edu

     On 6 Jan 1995, I queried the Web4Lib list asking for URLs
of libraries that offered forms for patrons to submit electronic
ILL requests and reference questions.

     Thanks for all the response I got from the list.

     I have enclosed all the responses below (in chronological
order).  But, rather than have all of you spend time
typing in all those URLs to go looking at some of those
forms, I've done it for you!  (What service!)  :-)

     So . . . I'm announcing my list of libraries that
offer forms for customer requests for documents, reference
questions, purchase suggestions, literature searches, etc.
The URL is:


     I imagine that sooner or later *most* libraries will
offer these services and my list will no longer be needed.
But for now, I'm hoping that it might make it easier
for people who are developing services at their library to
examine the types of things that other libraries have set up.


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