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[Fwd: World Survey on Literacy Programs in Libraries]

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To Libraries and Library Associations:

The IFLA Literacy Working Group on World Literacy needs your help in order
to collect data from all parts of the world about existing literacy
programs in libraries.  We are asking for your cooperation in obtaining
data so that libraries can be assisted in playing their vital role in the
eradication of illiteracy.  We are interested in obtaining data from
librarians about their activities in this field.  The information will
enable the Working Group to appraise needs, try to assist in the
preparation of programs and materials and help those engaged in literacy
programs.  This survey will allow us to capture a worldwide view on the
role of libraries with literacy for the very first time and help map out a
role for IFLA regarding library initiatives.  There are 2 questionnaires --
one for libraries and one for library associations.  Both are available in
Adobe Acrobat format on the IFLA web site at the following address:
http://www.ifla.org/ifla/VII/lwg/index.htm  Please return your
questionnaire to me at the address below by July 15.

Thank you for your help and cooperation!
Martin Kesselman, Secretary, IFLA Working Group on World Literacy


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