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(Fwd) Conference of Medical and Health Libraries

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Liebe Kollegen,

die zweijaehrlich stattfindende Europaeische Tagung der 
Medizinbibliotheken zaehlt zu den absoluten Highlights auf dem Gebiet 
der medizinischer IuD und des medizinischen Bibliothekswesens. Die 
Konferenz ist dieses Jahr sehr einfach zu erreichen (Utrecht, 22-27 
Juni 1998) und beinhaltet ein sehr attraktives - auch 
deutschsprachiges - Seminarprogramm:

- quality and project management
- performance measurement
- user education
- Evidence Based Medicine (dt. & engl.)
- information need assessment (dt.)
- WWW and Internet evaluation
- public health
- genome databases
- copyright
- usw.

Anmeldeformulare und weitere Informationen finden Sie unter 

Unten finden Sie eine Mail der Programmverantwortlichen.

Mit freundlichen Gruessen, Oliver Obst


Dear German-speaking colleagues, 

So far only 5 colleagues from Germany, 1 from Austria and 6 from
German-speaking parts of Switzerland have registered for the 6th 
European Conference of Medical and Health Libraries (Utrecht, 22-27 
June 1998)organised by the EAHIL. Not only do we look forward to meet 
more colleagues from German-speaking countries, but also we 
considered that Utrecht would be easy and not too-expensive traveling 
and therefor an excellent opportunity to attend the EAHIL-conference. 
For that reason we thought we could stimulate German participation by 
organizing TWO German-languages continuing education courses!!


On Tuesday afternoon there is the course of Reinhard Wentz and Carol 
Lefebvre about the Cochrane Library and Evidence-based Medicine 
information sources.

Especially for colleagues who cannot afford too much on conferences, 
there is a Bed&Breakfast facility for only NLG 30  (approx. DEM 27) 
per person per night, including breakfast!! Utrecht is easy to reach 
by train, the conference venue (Jaarbeurs) is connected to the 
Central Railway Station.

This could be for you the CHEAPEST European conference in years!!

I look forward to meet you in Utrecht.

Suzanne Bakker

chair International Programme Committee

fax (home): +31.294.287206
e-mail: S.Bakker _at__ amc.uva.nl  CHANGED TO:  sbakker _at__ nki.nl

Mit freundlichen Gruessen
Oliver Obst

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