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[FYI] Arts and Humanities: AHDS Resource lists for 1)Standards an

Hallo zusammen, wie gerade via Diglib zu erfahren war, hat der 
hat der britische Arts and Humanities Data Service AHDS einige Webseiten 
zum Archivieren und den Formaten digitaler Informationen zusammengestellt, 
viele Gruesse, hbk :-)

                  The UK Arts & Humanities Data Service
                 Provides New and Revised Resource Pages:

          **Standards for the Interchange of Digital Information**

                          **Digital Preservation**

Two particularly fruitful resource pages have been announced by the British
Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS).

The first, "Standards for the Interchange of Digital Information," is an
initial presentation of organizations that are working on relevant
standards for the interchange of cultural resource material. These
standards cover
 * Technical standards for data interchange (eg encoding and compression)
 * Data documentation standards (e.g. MARC, Dublin Core, CIMI).
 * Controlled vocabularies (e.g. Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR2),
Art and Architecture Thesaurus).

This exercise is the preliminary step to gathering and considering actual
"best practices" in implementing and using particular standards for
networking particular bodies of information and for maximising their
The second resource page is a revised set of references to resources and
initiatives on the preservation of digital resources.
Both of these resources are recommended and will be linked to from the
NINCH website.

David Green


David L. Green
Executive Director
21 Dupont Circle, NW
Washington DC 20036
david _at__ ninch.org
202/296-5346                                  202/872-0886 fax

See and search back issues of NINCH-ANNOUNCE at

DIGLIB is a public service provided by IFLA (http://www.ifla.org) and
sponsor, Sun Microsystems Inc.: "The Network is the Computer".

Sun has published a new whitepaper, "The Digital Library Tool Kit".
This paper by Peter Noerr addresses many of the leading questions that
academic institutions, public libraries, government agencies, and
museums face in trying to develop digital content and distribute it
on the Worldwide Web.

This 98 page document can be accessed in PDF or Postscript format via the
Sun in Libraries webpage at; http://www.sun.com/edu/libraries/index.html.


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