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[Fwd: ?Germanic states/peoples]

Liebe Liste,
hier die Anfrage einer amerikanischen Kollegin, vielleicht kann jemand 
weiterhelfen? Antworten bitte direkt an Liz Lindsay. Gruesse, Gisela 

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Hope someone can help out -- this is one I can barely explain!  

A professor here needs to know how people in the various Germanic 
states refer to themselves.  For instance, of course there are 
Bavarians in Bavaria, but others in Bavaria apprarently identify 
themselves with different group names. She has a number of these 
already, but needs a complete list.  Some of these may refer 
back to names of germanic tribes or earlier geopolitical formations.  
The professor says these are not ethnic groups per se.  

I tried general encyclopedias, Germany-specific reference tools, and
other books about Germany looking for a list or some sort of 
cultural groups map.  I tried the web a bit, but had little luck.  If 
anything like this exists, I know someone here will know about it.

Thanks very much,
Beth Lindsay
Indiana State University
liblakes _at__ cml.indstate.edu

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