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(Fwd) Cooperative International Partnerships for Sci-Tech Lib

Hiermit reiche ich die aus der diglib-Liste erhaltene E-Mail an 
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Viele Gruesse aus Heidelberg Monika Muennich

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Date:          Mon, 4 Nov 1996 10:44:21 -0500
Reply-to:      Digital Libraries Research mailing list <DIGLIB _at__ INFOSERV.NLC-BNC.CA>
From:          Martin Kesselman <martyk _at__ rci.rutgers.edu>
Subject:       Cooperative International Partnerships for Sci-Tech Libraries.
To:            Multiple recipients of list DIGLIB <DIGLIB _at__ INFOSERV.NLC-BNC.CA>

I am in the process of developing a manual for sci-tech libraries that
provides information on how to set-up a cooperative program with a sci-tech
library in another part of the world, benefits and challenges of
partnerships, how to establish formalized agreements, and include case
studies on international cooperative programs in sci-tech libraries.   This
project is being done on behalf of the IFLA Standing Committee on Science
and Technology. Libraries.    Based on these case studies and those of
other libraries in the literature, I hope to come up with some general
guidelines for sci-tech libraries thinking about or planning such ventures.
I also plan to provide some focus on why partnerships are particularly
important for sci-tech libraries and the ways in which libraries can now
collaborate in the digital library environment.  At the present time, I am
particularly interested in learning about partnerships that currently exist
that DO NOT include a library from the United States (I have already
identified a sufficient number of case studies including one or more U.S.

We are entering a new era of global librarianship.  In particular, the
Internet is moving libraries in developed countries to an era in which
closer ties can lead to making unique scholarly resources, databases, and
instructional materials for distance education purposes more available
worldwide.   Through this project I hope to bring awareness to unique
sci-tech resources that can be made available via cooperative programs as
well as identify methods for increased sharing of ideas and experiences via
international library contacts.

If your library is involved, planning to be involved, or interested in
being involved in a cooperative program with a sci-tech library in another
part of the world, please contact me.   Please also contact me if you are
aware of cooperative programs that already exist elsewhere or projects
between libraries that include sci-tech information as part of a larger
program.   (You may also be interested to know that IFLA has developed a
database for libraries interested in participating in twinning
relationships, ask me for more information).   Thanks in advance for your

Best regards, Marty Kesselman


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