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(Fwd) BNF follies

Hallo Liste,

ich fand es ganz lustig... (ohne Gewaehr fuer die Richtigkeit der 
Schoenen Grus

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Date:          Sat, 5 Oct 1996 23:39:46 +0200
From:          Eric Fenster <efenster _at__ IGC.APC.org>
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Subject:       BNF follies
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As if were not enough that France's new national library is a
scandalous combination of bad architecture, a new building delivered
in such bad shape that much is being rebuilt from the inside, poor
organization, incongruous staffing and the absence of any serious plan
for functioning properly and on schedule, energies are devoted to such
inanities as the memorandum below.

Unfortunately, this form of communication does not permit showing the
BNF's "logo." Impossible to tell what it is except for a vertical gray
smudge that looks like a dirty photocopier was used. This is the third
symbol in the last few years, and the shysters who "design" them
collect a pile of taxpayers' money in fees.

Bibliotheque nationale de France

Le Directeur GeneraI

Paris, le 17 Septembre 1996

Note a l'attention de Mesdames et Messieurs les Directeurs
et de Monsieur l'Agent comptable

J'ai l'honneur de vous faire connaitre qu'au terme d'une reflexion
approfondie, M. Jean FAVIER a decide de ne pas retenir finalement
l'appellation de "bibliotheque generale" pour les salles de lecture du

Ces salles seront desormais designees sous la seule appellation de
"haut-de- jardin".

Je vous remercie d'en prendre bonne note.

Philippe BELAVAL


>From the Director General to all department directors and the general

I have the honor to inform you that after deep reflection Mr. Jean
Favier [President of the French National Library] has decided that, in
the end, the reading rooms on the upper level of the garden will not
be named the "General Library."

>From now on, these rooms will be known only under the name, "The
>upper level of
the garden."

I thank you for taking careful note of this.

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