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Job-Alternative zu Frankfurt ...

nicht nur in Frankfurt wird offensichtlich an den Digitalen Bibliotheken
gearbeitet. Ein alternatives Jobangebot dazu hier gleich angehaengt. Ich
finde es uebrigens weitaus informativer  - und es hat vermutlich auch einen
angestrebten PR-Effekt  - als das Frankfurter Angebot.
Will sagen: 
Es waere schoen, hier nicht nur was ueber ein Jobangebot zu lesen, sondern
evtl. auch eine Kurzfassung der Ziele und des geplanten Vorgehens des
Frankfurter Projektes zu lesen! 
Dann haetten wir auch mal wieder ein neues Thema als Diskussionsgegenstand...

Freundliche Gruesse von 

Achim Osswald

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>The Digital Library Research Group at the Nanyang Technological
>University (Singapore) is seeking outstanding students who are
>interested in pursuing Master and Ph.D. degrees in Applied Science to
>conduct full-time research in the area of digital library.  Our group
>is initiating several interdisciplinary digital library projects
>covering (but not limited to) the following topics:
>   1. Integration of heterogeneous information sources
>   Future digital libraries have to provide integrated search and
>   retrieval services on different kinds of information servers
>   available on the internet in order to realise borderless digital
>   library applications.  As different information servers support
>   different access protocols (e.g. HTTP, WAIS, ODBC, etc.) to
>   different types of information (e.g. text, bibliographic data,
>   structured data etc.), we are conducting research on the modeling
>   of heterogeneous information, and processing integrated
>   queries to diverse collections of information sources.
>   2. Advanced data storage
>   The storage components of future digital libraries are expected
>   to face two major challenges. First, they have to be able to
>   handle huge amount of data of different types including text
>   and multimedia data.  Second, they have to be able to support
>   efficient search and retrieval services on the stored data.
>   Hence, we are initiating research projects addressing the
>   the appropriate indexing and compression techniques for
>   digital library data.
>   3. Advanced digital library applications.
>   To illustrate the usefulness of digital libraries, we intend to
>   build some advanced digital library applications. In particular,
>   we will focus on library visualization and distance learning tools.
>   The former models and supports the user-library interactions
>   graphically.  The latter enables users to experience new learning
>   methodologies by exploiting rich structures in the digital library
>   information.
>Selected candidates are expected to have a bachelor degree in
>Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related field by the
>time of the commencement of work.  Strong programming skills and
>prior research experience are prefered.  Candidates will conduct
>research under the guidance of faculty members within the broad scope
>of the group's research focus.  Research and financial scholarships
>are available to qualified Master and Ph.D. candidates.
>Nanyang Technological University and School of Applied Science
>Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is the second largest
>university in Singapore.  The School of Applied Science offers
>Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. degree programs in Computer Engineering,
>Material Engineering and Information Studies.  The school has about
>70 full-time faculty members and an extensive collection of computing
>Informal enquiries are welcome.  Interested applicants should send a
>letter of application and resume to aseplim _at__ sentosa.sas.ntu.ac.sg.
>Please include a description of your research interests and how you
>could contribute to the project(s).  For more information about our
>Digital Library Research Group activities, please see our website at
>URL "http://sentosa.sas.ntu.ac.sg/~aseplim/harp/";.
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