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[Fwd: Discussion List for CAMILLE]

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,
vielleicht auch fuer Sie von Interesse? 
Mit Gruessen aus Berlin
Christine-D. Sauer

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Dear Colleagues

This is to inform you of an open discussion list to which you might like
to subscribe.
The description comes from EBLIDA.
A discussion  list has been set up to provide a forum for interested
library professionals from all over Europe to discuss themes
identified by the European Commission supported project CAMILE -
Concerted Action on Management Information for Libraries in Europe.

CAMILE is designed to disseminate and promote the common results of
four CEC supported projects - DECIDE, DECIMAL, EQLIPSE, and MINSTREL.
Each of these research projects aimed to develop models and tools to
support decision making in libraries throughout Europe and provide
unique insights into the issues and challenges which librarians in
Europe have to meet in the current environment. 

The aim of CAMILE is to use European expertise to advance the research
and application of information and tools to support decision making
throughout the library community in Europe.  It provides an environment
which library professionals are able to exchange information and ideas,
consider and develop common approaches, identify areas for
and demonstrate the application of different software solutions. It also
provides a means of disseminating information to those wishing to build
their expertise.

Areas which are within the scope of CAMILE include:

1.       The decision making process - how decisions are made and
          the role of decision making tools. 
2.       The impact on organisations and the way organisations 
          respond to improved management information.
3.       Preparing organisations for changes in management
          information availability. 
4.       National and international issues, statistical data
          collection and performance indicators.
5.       Impact of new management information techniques on 
6.       Techniques such as: Management information tools.
          Decision support tools. Executive information systems .
7.       The impact of performance measurement, quality and
          related issues.

It is intended that this list will generate sufficient interest and
momentum to create an environment within which associations and
communication will continue long after CAMILE is over.

The list is currently open and messages are not moderated.

To subscribe to CAMILE, send the following message :
subscribe camile
to the following address :
majordomo _at__ mmu.ac.uk


Tricia Steel's address is tsteel _at__ library.croydon.gov.uk
The PubliCA web site is at

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