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[FYI] NISO Initiates Work on Digital Talking Book Standard

gibt es eigentlich vergleichbare Aktivitaeten seitens des DIN / NABD oder
anderer Einrichtungen?
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A. Osswald

>Date:   97-07-10 19:04:43 EDT
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>The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) has begun work
>on a new standard for digital talking books that will be of special
>interest to producers of talking books and magazines, equipment
>manufacturers, software developers, and librarians.  The kick-off
>meeting of the NISO Talking Book Standards Committee was held on
>May 14-15, 1997 and was attended by more than two dozen representatives
>of companies, libraries and organizations that serve and represent the
>blind and physically disabled. After identifying more than one hundred
>features for the digital talking book, the committee recommended that
>digital talking books be categorized into three levels (basic, advanced,
>and computer linked).  The meeting concluded with the establishment of
>three working groups that will address File Formats, User Interface and
>The next meeting of the NISO Talking Book Standards Committee will be
>held in late September 1997.  For further information about the
>Committee's activities or copies of committee documents, contact the
>Committee Chairman, Michael Moodie, at National Library Service for
>the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library of Congress (phone:
>202-707-5108, or e-mail: mmoo _at__ loc.gov).
>Recipients of this message are encouraged to post this news to other
>list servs and reflectors.  For further information on this activity
>contact NISOHQ _at__ cni.org.
>Yvonne Kidd Herbst
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