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[Fwd: FW: Flooding in the Czech republic and Germany]

rosalind.johnson _at__ cilip.org.uk wrote:
> Colleagues
> If you can assist with information on the flooding in Germany and the Czech
> Republic, Sue Cole of English Heritage would be delighted to hear from you -
> see message below, forwarded with her permission and at her request. Please
> contact Sue Cole directly if you have any information.
> Rosalind
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> From: Floods2002 [mailto:Floods2002 _at__ bl.uk]
> Sent: 05 November 2002 17:06
> Subject: Flooding in the Czech republic and Germany
> Dear all
> I work for English Heritage and I have been seconded to the
> International
> Committee of the Blue Shield (the cultural heritage equivalent of the
> Red
> Cross) based in the NPO at the british Libary for 3 months.  I am
> helping to
> co-ordinate the UK response to the damage the floods have done to the
> cultural heritage in germany and the czech republic.
> We are defining cultural heritage to include the built environment,
> archives, libraries, museums and electronic data.  The steering group to
> the
> project is made up of government Foreign Office, Department of Culture
> Media
> and Sport, English Heritage, ICOM, ICA, ICOMOS, UK 0Institute of
> Conservators, British Council, and IFLA.
> The project consist of  the following: identify the needs and assess
> what
> resources (cash, people and facilities) are available in the UK and
> where
> possible match the two together; identify what has been given
> internationally and where the gaps are (and if possible plug them); draw
> up
> a database of key contacts and addresses; put forward proposals for
> strategy
> to co-ordinate future disasters/emergencies.  We are very keen to learn
> from
> the Czech and Germans so that we can improve our own disaster planning
> and
> emergency responses as well as to offer any assistance we can.
> I am finding it very difficult to locate precise information about the
> damage to libraries over and above the ball park information which is on
> the
> web site and informal information from British Council staff via Jane
> Cliffe. (I realise that much of the assessment and quantification work
> has
> just started and that results will trickle through in time)
> I would be grateful if you could help me by letting me know of any
> intitiatives that you are aware of or by giving me names of contacts if
> you
> could assist me.  Are there any particular aspects that you would like
> me to
> pursue?  Are you aware of any international aid packages from your
> colleagues in other countries?
> I look forward to hearing from you. You can contact me at
> floods2002 _at__ bl.uk
> or sue.cole _at__ english-heritage.org.uk or on 00 44 (0)207 412 7048
> best wishes
> Sue Cole
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