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(Fwd) UK Serials Group Annual Conference

Dachte, dass koennte interessant (und noch nicht gepostet) sein. 
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Subject:        	UK Serials Group Annual Conference
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*with apologies for cross-posting*

United Kingdom Serials Group:

- 22nd Annual Conference and Exhibition combined 
    with the 4th European Serials Conference

- 12-14 April 1999 at the University of Manchester 
     Institute of Science and Technology, UK

- Preliminary announcement:

The coming together of the 22nd Annual Conference of the 
United Kingdom Serials Group and the 4th European Serials 
Conference highlights the impact that electronic journals are 
having on the international serials community: a breaking 
down of barriers.

Publishers are seeking direct contact with libraries, libraries
are seeking to extend consortia activity beyond regional 
and national boundaries and subscription agents and 
secondary information services are collaborating in the 
all-important area of linking.

Despite this seemingly cosy and collaborative atmosphere, 
the barriers towards the universal adoption of electronic 
journals are still significant. As well as the technical, legal 
and environmental issues, partnerships are inhibited by 
the fear that a partner one day will be a competitor the 

Many of the papers in this first ever joint conference reflect 
on barriers coming down or still to be overcome. A 
progress report on the National Electronic Site Licence 
Initiative, along with a report on consortia activity in Europe 
draw on collaboration, whilst papers on electronic legal 
deposit and digital archives generally are significant 
reminders of barriers yet to be overcome.

The technical issues favouring remote or local access 
to digital material are considered, as is the bewildering 
array of pricing models currently being put forward by 
publishers. Concurrent sessions ensure that there is 
something for everyone, including case studies drawn 
from the Corporate environment.

Supporting the main programme is a series of excellent 
workshops, which seek to offer the opportunity to 
exchange experience and obtain practical help on a 
wide-range of issues, ranging from authentication, to 
Internet search engines and the human impact of the 
new technologies.

A major exhibition of the latest product offerings from 
publishers, subscription agents, systems vendors and 
other intermediaries will once again complement the 
intellectual content of the plenary sessions and workshops, 
and give delegates plenty of opportunity to view specific 
products and services at first hand.

The full programme will be available shortly on the 
UKSG Web site (www.uksg.org). A full residential 
delegate place for UKSG members will be priced 
at stlg 265 plus VAT [311.38].

For more detailed information as it becomes available, 
please refer to the Web site mentioned above where 
an online booking form will also be available. 
Alternatively, contact 
Jill Tolson, UK Serials Group Business Manager, 
114 Woodstock Road, Witney, OX8 6DY, UK 
tel: +44 (0)1993 703466;
fax:  +44 (0)1993 778879; 
e-mail: uksg _at__ dial.pipex.com

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