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Liebe KollegInnen,
im Rahmen des Projektes EXPLOIT wird Anfang 1999 ein neues 
WEB-Magazin "Exploit-Interactive" von UKOLN (UK Office for Library & 
Information Networking) ins Leben gerufen.
Dafuer suchen wir Personen, die gerne dazu beitragen moechten!
...In early 1999 we will be launching a new web-magazine "Exploit 
Interactive", a vehicle for disseminating the EC-Telematics for 
Libraries project results. As a contributor to Exploit Interactive, 
your community will be able to further exploit national efforts in 
the library and information community to a wide professional 
readership. The magazine will also cover topics such as partnering 
for funding, technology, research, public library networking, 
electronic publishing, models etc. There will also be a section for 
posting jobs, and a discussion forum.
The UKOLN deliverable in the project is the web magazine, based on 
our previous experience with the UK Ariadne web/print magazine which 
is available at: http://www.ariadne.ac.uk/....
Fuer weitere Informationen und Fragen stehen wir Ihnen gerne zur 
Verfuegung. Artikel koennen Sie gerne an uns senden!
Ansprechpartner: Christiane Dorff: dorff _at__ dbi-berlin.de und
Irini Courzakis: courzakis _at__ dbi-berlin.de

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