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[Fwd: The Mysterious Home Page for sale]

Hallo Inetbib,

die wohl beste Homepage zur Kriminalliteratur steht zum Verkauf.
Vielleicht hat ja jemand Interesse...

Beste Gruesse, JH

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Von: "Jan B. Steffensen" <jbs _at__ webfic.dk>
Betreff: The Mysterious Home Page for sale
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I have run The Mysterious Home Page for more than 7 years now, and my 
interests have moved on. Therefore I would like to sell The Mysterious
Page to someone, who wants to carry on the work.

The web site has two parts: The Mysterious Home Page, which is a 
traditional web site with pages in a thematic hierarchy, and The
Index, which is a searchable database with more than 1500 mystery links. 
When you are buying both you get this:

A fully developed web site organizing more than 1.500 mystery links in 
categories and done exclusively in HTML, which can be run from any host
A fully developed web site making the same 1.500 links searchable, which
done in ASP and must by run from a host supporting ASP and ODBC
A links database (MS Access 97) containing the links and various data
these, e.g. category, update date, contact email etc.
A database with email addresses 2.000+ users
500.000 + annual visitors
Potential, unexplored business opportunities in direct mailing, online 
advertising etc.
Redirect to the new location until May 2002

You can check both web sites from these locations:

The Mysterious Home Page: http://www.webfic.com/mysthome/
The Mysterious Index: http://www.webfic.com/mystindex/

This mail is distributed to various mailing lists, news groups and 
individuals. Please feel free to ask me any questions. I will consider
offer I get before November 10, and my priority is to find someone who 
wants make the information available to mystery fans allover the world
free. Although it might be possible to make money from the web site, it 
must be run with profound interest and dedication. On the other hand you 
"meet" hundreds of wonderful people, who are willing to help you, and
has been a great resource for me as well as my way into the global world
mystery fans.

Jan B. Steffensen
The Mysterious Home Page / The Mysterious Home Page
jbs _at__ webfic.com / jbs _at__ webfic.dk

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