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Legal deposit extension - Bill passes Second Reading in the Lords 12 September 2003 

Posted by Press and Public Relations

The Legal Deposit Libraries Bill - to extend legal deposit to non-print materials - today passed its Second Reading in the House of Lords. The Bill, introduced by the Liberal Democrat peer Lord Tope, was discussed for over an hour with all eight speakers in favour of the Bill. Discussion ranged from the importance of legal deposit in building the national published archive and how best to balance archival and publishing interests through to the costs of processing and preserving material (see Hansard for details). 

The Bill will now proceed to Committee Stage and Third Reading before it can receive Royal Assent. 

Background to the Legal Deposit Libraries Bill: 

The Bill proposes to extend legal deposit legislation (see the British Library's press release and general information on legal deposit) to include non-print publications, such as CD-ROMs and online resources - enabling the six legal deposit libraries to ensure that these items are collected and preserved for the national archive. Last year in the UK alone more than 60,000 non-print items were published - a figure that is set to increase by a factor of four or five by 2005. Non-commercial publications, including websites, add enormously to this number. 

The Legal Deposit Libraries Bill was championed in the Commons by Chris Mole, the Labour MP for Ipswich. The Bill successfully passed its Report Stage and Third Reading in the House of Commons on 4 July (see Hansard for details of the debate) and its First Reading in the Lords on 7 July 2003. 

Quelle: BL-News (http://www.bl.uk/cgi-bin/news.cgi?story=1371)
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