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[Fwd: SAGE Publications goes ROMEO Green]

Liebe Kolleginnen & Kollegen,

anbei eine aktuelle Weiterleitung aus dem
Forderung, aus oeffentlichen Mitteln finanzierte Forschungsergebnisse
sollten auch oeffentlich zugaenglich sein, z.B. in Grossbritannien & in
den USA bereits politische Gremien zu erreichen begonnen hat,
akzeptieren immer mehr Verlage das sog. Self Archiving fuer Artikel aus
kostenpflichtigen Zeitschriften (siehe zu Publizieren in Open
Access-Zeitschriften & zu Self Archiving als zentralen Strategien des
Open Access-Publizierens die "Budapest Open Access Initiative",
http://www.soros.org/openaccess/ oder 
http://www.eprints.org/signup/sign.php). Bisher handelte es sich dabei
vor allem um naturwissenschaftliche Zeitschriften/Verleger. Mit SAGE ist
nun ein grosser Verlag auch im Bereich der Sozial- &
Geisteswissenschaften einen entscheidenden Schritt weitergegangen: "SAGE
Publications goes ROMEO Green ... This improved policy comes into effect
immediately and applies to all journals where SAGE is responsible for
author copyright policy. It allows authors to self-archive their own
copy pre-print (i.e. submitted), and their own copy post-print (i.e.
accepted for publication)." 

Herzliche Gruesse,
Katja Mruck

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For immediate release:

SAGE Publications, Inc.
Carol Richman
Director of Licensing
+1 805 499-9774

SAGE Publications, Ltd
Leo Walford
Associate Director, Journal Publishing
+44 (0) 207 324 8500

SAGE Publications goes ROMEO Green

Thousand Oaks, California, and London, United Kingdom (5 October 2004) -
SAGE Publications is pleased to announce its improved author
self-archiving copyright policy as part of its ongoing commitment to
provide the highest standards of service and support to authors. This new
policy makes SAGE Publications a Green publisher according to the
SHERPA/ROMEO Publisher Copyright classification.

"As a leading publisher across many disciplines, we have always had a
mission to disseminate knowledge and to serve authors. While we have been
letting authors archive their own copy on request for some time, we have
now decided to make our policy more straightforward," said Anthony Ross,
Vice President, Content Management. "We will be encouraging authors who
archive their own copy to include a link to the published version of the
article as it appears on our new journal delivery platform: SAGE Journals
Online, http://online.sagepub.com.";

This improved policy comes into effect immediately and applies to all
journals where SAGE is responsible for author copyright policy.  It allows
authors to self-archive their own copy pre-print (i.e. submitted), and
their own copy post-print (i.e. accepted for publication).

Please visit: http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/romeo.php for more information on
the SHERPA/ROMEO listings.

For additional information regarding this policy or other SAGE policy
statements, please contact Leo Walford (leo.walford@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:leo.walford@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> ) or Carol Richman

Please see the individual journal homepages on www.sagepub.com for full

About SAGE

SAGE Publications is a leading international publisher of journals, books,
and electronic media for academic, educational, and professional markets.
Since 1965, SAGE has helped inform and educate a global community of
scholars, practitioners, researchers, and students. SAGE Publications, a
privately owned corporation, has principal offices in Thousand Oaks,
California, and in London, United Kingdom.

SAGE Publications actively supports Book Aid International, the Journal
Donation Project, and the World Health Organization HINARI initiative.

SAGE Publications is a member of CrossRef and of the COUNTER Project.

Visit SAGE Publications at www.sagepublications.com.

Visit SAGE Journals Online, SAGE's new online journal delivery platform at
http://online.sagepub.co.uk.  Free access to our full-text journals is
available through 31st October 2004.


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