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(fwd) Internet Public Library ...

                    Sonntag 06.08.95  19:32

	Hallo Zielgruppe,
	es ist zwar schon etwas  l"anger  her, aber da es bisher
	hier noch nicht zu sehen war  und  wahrscheinlich  viele
	besonders  aus  dem universit"aren Bereich interessieren
Absender   : jmbrandt _at__ engin.umich.edu  (John Brandt)
Betreff    : Internet Public Library Volunteer Opportunities
Datum      : Mo 24.07.95, 02:42  (erhalten: 28.07.95)
The Internet Public Library, an experimental service run by students and
volunteers, is seeking staff for our "Ask Reference" service.  The
reference service answers dozens of questions each week received by the IPL
via the World Wide Web or electronic mail.  This is an excellent
opportunity to share your reference and subject expertise with a wide and
diverse community while learning about how the Internet can supplement
traditional reference service and resources. 

Answering the questions generally involves locating information and
sending brief messages for short factual requests, or providing
suggestions for research strategies and/or sources to consult for broader,
general questions.  Many of our patrons' queries cannot be answered using
Internet resources, and we often refer patrons to appropriate resources
and services in "physical" libraries. 

Librarians, reference staff and library students interested in
participating in this effort need to have access to the World Wide Web and
electronic mail.  Patrons' questions are received via electronic mail or
the World Wide Web, and are compiled and posted in a WWW-accessible format
known as "Hypernews."  Questions are compiled daily, and we would like
each volunteer to answer at least one or two questions a week. 

Anyone interested in participating in our service should send an email 
message to ipl.ref.recruit _at__ umich.edu for more information. 

     Internet Public Library URL:   http://ipl.sils.umich.edu/
     IPL Reference Q&A Service URL: http://ipl.sils.umich.edu/ref/QUE/

About the Internet Public Library:
     The Internet Public Library is an attempt to bring traditional
library expertise, services and values to the Internet community.  It
started as a graduate seminar at the University of Michigan's School of
Information and Library Studies, and continues to be run by students and
volunteers from around the world.  The "Ask Reference" service provides a
free source of information and guidance to anyone with an electronic mail
account.  Through this service, we hope to learn more about the
information needs of the Internet community, the potential and the
limitations of providing reference service via an electronic medium, and
how to help library service providers become familiar with some of the
more useful Internet resources available. 

     The Library in general and the "Ask Reference" service in particular
have proven to be popular resources, with exposure in places such as
_Wired_ magazine, the library section of America On-line's Internet
resource list, and newspapers across the United States and Canada.  This
has given us a very diverse group of users who provide our reference staff
with a rich variety of questions and excellent opportunities to help users
connect with library resources, both virtual and physical. 

       John Brandt  (John.Brandt _at__ umich.edu)

	Da ich auf der WWW '95 eine Mitarbeiterin  der  IPL  ge-
	troffen habe, dachte ich mir, man k"onnte sie ja mal auf
	diese Weise ein wenig supporten.

Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.