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Re: Mail digest

>> Der Prototyp wird zeigen, da"s Verbundsysteme basierend auf relationalen 
>> Datenbanken m"oglich und leistungsf"ahig sind. 
>Das wissen wir schon. Hinter Pica steckt Sybase, und das ist auch ein 
>relationales Datenbanksystem.

This is not completely accurate. The Pica local library systems incorporate  
Sybase databases, but the shared cataloging system uses the Enscribe DBMS.

I don't think systems based on relational databases are inherently better than 
systems which use other ways of storing data. Using screws instead of nails 
doesn't really improve the quality of a wooden box.

A software developers job is, among other things, to choose the best way to 
store data for a particular purpose, not to show that any type of data storage 
can be used (as long as you can afford the hardware).

Hans Schermer
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