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NLM for foreign users? Write!

Perhaps the NLM (National Library of Medicine, USA) would be openend  
earlier to the foreign public, if others would write them, too...

I got the following mail:

## Nachricht vom 31.08.94 weitergeleitet
## Ursprung : logies _at__ ml.in-berlin.de
## Ersteller: Service_Desk _at__ qmgate.nlm.nih.gov

Access to our system from outside of the United States is coordinated throughthe
International MEDLARS Centers.  You must contact an International MEDLARSCenter
to obtain access to MEDLINE and the other medical databases produced by the
National Library of Medicine.  There is a listing of all the International
Centers available via anonymous ftp from gmedserv.nlm.nih.gov.  The file is
called "intlmedl.txt" and it is located in the /nlmpubs/factsheets directory.

We may take on non-U.S. online users in the future.  Use of the softwarepackage
Grateful Med, access via the Internet, and payment by international creditcard
would be required.   If you are interested, please send another message with

your e-mail address and we will put you on a mailing list to receiveinformation
when our plans are more definite.  Thank you.

Catherine Soehner
MEDLARS Management Section
National Library of Medicine
mms _at__ nlm.nih.gov

Date: 8/30/94 10:23 AM
To: Service Desk
Received: from occshost.NLM.NIH.GOV by nlm.nih.gov (4.1/SMI-4.0)
	id AA01836; Tue, 30 Aug 94 10:14:31 EDT
Received: by occshost.NLM.NIH.GOV (5.65+/1.3)	id 23699.AE; Tue, 30 Aug 94 10:10:14 GMT
From: REFMAIL.SHAMUPOST _at__ occshost
Message-Id: <9408301010.23699.AE _at__ occshost.NLM.NIH.GOV>
Date: Tue, 30 Aug 94 09:54:00 EST
To: mms _at__ nlm.nih.gov
Subject: Access from germany to NLM?

   This message was rec'd 8/29/94 by ref _at__ nlm.nih.gov   I am forwarding for your response, Mary Conway


can you tell me, whether NLM's databases have been opened for the foreign
public in the meantime? Will they ever be?
In the moment I am using paperchase on compuserve to search Medline. But I
would like to test Grateful Med and your other databases via the internet.
I am aware of the Deutsches Institut fuer medizinische Dokumentation und
Information in Koeln, germany. But it is about ten times as expensive as
paperchase (or the NLM).

Thanks in advance

Michael Logies, dentist, germany

** logies _at__ ml.in-berlin.de (Michael Logies) **
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