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Re: Hunts im Internet

here we go...

-------------------------[Begin Included Mail]----------------------
*                                                               *
*                     THE INTERNET HUNT                         *
*                                                               *
*                         QUESTIONS                             *
*                                                               *
*                      for June, 1994                           *
*                                                               *
*           entries due by midnight, June 11 (-0700)            *
*                                                               *
*                      Total Points: 28                         *
*                                                               *

As mentioned in previous announcements, this is a first-time novices
Hunt.  So if you (or your team), has entered the Hunt before, or if
you're quite comfortable surfing the Nets, take a well-deserved month
off.  We're cooking up something quite challenging for next month.

So for the novices, here's our offering this month.  The best  
pointer that I can give all of you is:

                     Don't give up!

...you can learn as much about the Net by finding what doesn't  
work as what does work.  Remember: the Nets are a vast yet  
loosely connected group of local systems.  In such an  
environment learning where not to look is half the battle.

As always, team play is also accepted, as long as it is identified as


The following individuals have kindly offered to reward the Hunt
Winners for their hard work.  Many thanks to them!
Ivan Pope
One Year Subscription to:
"3W: World Wide Web Newsletter"
(for more info: contact 3W _at__ ukartnet.demon.co.uk)

Daniel Dern
A signed copy of:
"The Internet Guide for New Users" McGraw-Hill, 1993 609 pgs.
(for more info: Gopher (enews.com) path=1/specialmcgraw-hill/dern
Cliff Stoll
Signed copies of:  
"The Cuckoo's Egg" Pocket Books, 1989, 356 pgs.
Michael Strangelove
One year subscription to:  
"The Internet Business Journal"
(for more info: contact Mstrange _at__ Fonorola.Net)  


1. There are a total of 12 questions.  The first 11 questions all
count toward your score.  I have personally verified that each of
these can be answered using only the resources of the Net.  These are
contrived questions.

2. The last question is the mystery question.  I don't know if there's
an answer to this on the Net.  I may or may not have tried to find
one.  These questions usually come to me from people asking for
information.  This is a real question.

3. Each of these first 11 questions carries a value in parentheses.
This point value is my best guess on how tough that question is to
answer.  The scale is 1 (easy), to 10 (hard).  Total points for all
questions is listed after the last question.

4. Answer as many questions as you can.  Partial credit is awarded.

5. Teams are allowed to submit entries.  These must be designated as
such.  Pick a team name.  Team entries will be scored separately from
individual entries.

6. All answers must be mailed to me.  My standard signature will
be at the bottom of this message.

7. The contest will run for one week from the date of posting of this
message.  The deadline should appear in the header at the top of this

8. Feel free to send me potential question for the Hunt, be they
scored, or mystery.

9. I consider this and all Hunt files to be in the public domain.
There is also the possibility that your answer(s) may be used in a
publication somewhere.

10. Have fun!  What's it all for, after all?


1. Whoever correctly answers all the questions first shall be declared
the winner.

2. In the event that nobody answers all the questions, the player
with the highest point total shall be declared the winner.

3. If there is a tie for highest point total, the player who
responded first shall be declared the winner.

4. Assume you're answering the question for someone who understands
the basic network tools (ftp, telnet, finger, gopher, etc.), but just
doesn't know where the data is.  Answers like:

        ftp host.university.edu

...will not score as high as:

        anonymous ftp to host.university.edu
        cd /pub/documents
        file is called important.txt.Z

For instance a URL by itself is not sufficient.  Don't feel that you
have to detail how to use a particular tool.  Instead, tell me the
steps you've taken to find your answers, what tool you used to find
it, and if necessary, the end information itself.  I need to be able
to recreate the steps you took in your search process.

5. It's always a good idea to let us know how you decided where to
begin looking.  After all, we can't have everyone thinking that you're
all geniuses with innate Net-knowledge!  :-)

6. Read the question carefully.  If it's asking for specific
information (like "What is the chorus to Jingle Bells?"), then supply
that info in your answer.  Sometimes you may find a pointer to a
source that no longer exists.  Providing the end information tells me
that you actually checked the source out.


Question 1  (2 points)
(question designed by Melody Winkle)

This summer I'd like to go whitewater rafting with some
friends.  I need to get some gear - what information can
I get about whitewater outfitters on the Internet?

Question 2  (3 points)
(question designed by Carol and Neil Enns)

I have just started to use the Internet, and notice
that people use lots of funny symbols at the end of
their sentences. Someone told me these are smilies.
Is there a list of them on the net somewhere?

Question 3  (3 points)
(question designed by Dee Baldwin, Gerard Egan,
Bill Wilson, and Laura Windsor)

How can I find out what the requirements are for US
citizens traveling to Belize?

Question 4  (2 points)
(question designed by Thomas W. Hocking)

What two statewide (NC) educational telecommunication
services (BBSs) are reachable via a gopher menu
(as well as a telnet command)?

HINT: Which Free-Net did you use to locate them?

Question 5  (3 points)
(question designed by Steve Harter, Simon Hernandez
Tom Hocking, Melanie Stallings)

My child was given a storywriting assignment in which
she must use animals from "Alice's Adventures in
Wonderland" as characters in her work.  I've heard I
can find an ASCII (text) version of Lewis Carroll's
story somewhere on the Internet, but I don't know where
to begin.

Please tell me where I can find it and list six
animals from the story.

Question 6  (3 points)
(question designed by Alan Shapiro and Karen Schneider)

What is the name of the exhibit that will be at the
California Museum of Photography between
Sept. 10 - Nov. 20, 1994?

Question 7 (3 points)

(Question designed by Richard Lee Holbert, Billie Peterson,  
Tony Safina & Dr Gerald R. Viers)

We are studying French history in my high school French IV  
class.  Our instructor said there were two novels available on  
the net that would help our understanding of two periods in  
particular, the French Revolution of 1793 and the later French  
Revolution of 1830.  I can't remember the names of these novels  
for the life of me, but I believe he said Charles Dickens wrote  
one of them and Victor Hugo wrote the other one.  Can you tell  
me the names of these novels and where on the Internet can I  
find them?    

Question 8 (3 points)

(question designed by Lu Wilson)

A teacher at my daughter's school developed this facinating  
'Wolf Study' unit for her third grade pupils.  She said that  
she found much of the information at a gopher site on the  
internet.  She downloaded telemetry data, study guides,  
behavioral data, photo-quality images, wolf howls and even the  
utilities to convert the images and sounds - all in one place!   
Where is this gopher and how can I find it?

Question 9 (2 points)

(question designed by Rick Gates)

I've been moving around the Internet for a few months now, and  
a couple of terms keep popping up that I'm not familiar with.   
The first term is URL and it's usually followed by a long line  
that looks like it contains some sort of access information.   
The second term, http, often shows up at the beginning of that  
long line.

Could you tell me what URL and http stand for?

Question 10 (3 points)

(question designed by Rick Gates)

OK, I think I'm getting it now.  World Wide Web is sort of
like gopher, but it's based on hypertext.  As with gopher,
one can access 'Web' servers all over the world.  The
trouble is, on the system I connect to, I can run telnet and
gopher, but there doesn't seem to be any local software for
a Web client to talk to all those servers.

Can you give me the address of three World Wide Web clients
that I can telnet to and use?

Extra Credit (1 point)

(question designed by Rick Gates)

Where is the final match of the 1994 World Cup being held?

Mystery Question

(question asked by Rick Gates)

Has anybody found a picture of that galaxy-gobbling black hole that
the Hubble Space Telescope recently discovered?

Rick Gates                       rgates _at__ locust.cic.net
Student & Lecturer
Univ. of Arizona                 (602) 621-3958
1515 E. 1st St.
Tucson, AZ  85719

---------------------------[End Included Mail]------------------------

Anmerkung: Ich habe das ganze von Toens schon frueher bekommen, 
deswegen hier der Hunt....

dann bleibt mir nur noch, ein herzliches "Horrido und fette Beute" zu
Ciao, Hanno
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