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Guidelines on best practices for using electronic information (fw

viele Gruesse, hbk :-)

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Since last week the English version of the European Commission's
DLM*-Guidelines is on the web; you can also download them
in PDF format:




for the web version

The Guidelines are available at the sales office of the European Commission
in your country (if you do not know its address, send an e-mail to
ECPA _at__ bureau.knaw.nl and I will send you the information).

Cataloguing data are:

Guidelines on best practices for using electronic information
Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities
1997 - 60 pp. - 21x29.7 cm
ISBN 92-828-2285-0

Thanks to
Eric Ketelaar, Chairman Programme Management Commission (CPM)
International Council on Archives <f.c.j.ketelaar _at__ thuisnet.leidenuniv.nl>
and Bekir Kemal Ataman <bka _at__ torvalds.yeditepe.edu.tr>
for bringing this to our attention.

* From the Preface to the Guidelines by Dr Martin Bangemann:

"The DLM Forum, organised jointly by the Member States of the European Union
and the European Commission in Brussels in December 1996, brought together
experts from industry, research, administration and archives to discuss a
topic of ever increasing importance: the memory of the information society.
Just a few years ago hardly anyone could have imagined that the archival
activities would be so revolutionised by technological innovations that,
lacking timely and appropriate measures, the authenticity and long-term
conservation of vital information would be seriously endangered in the near

Archives services are an essential component of the information society.
Since the report Europe and the global information society (the
Bangemann report) was published in 1994, they have become increasingly
prominent in the Commission's action and support programmes. Archives
services will moreover play an increasingly important role in modern
information management. Against this background the DLM Forum gave a clear
signal and set the ball rolling.

The Guidelines on best practices for using electronic information are one of
the principal outcomes of the DLM Forum. A preliminary draft of the
guidelines was distributed to the participants as a basis for discussion.
Following the more than 300 generally substantial proposals for amendments
and improvements which were made to the European Commission's services by
national experts during and after the forum, this new, much revised and
expanded edition of the guidelines was produced."

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