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Fwd: Seminar: Convergence in the Digital Age

Liebe KollegInnen,
die folgende ankuendigung von EBLIDA gebe ich gerne an sie weiter:

> +++   Convergence in the Digital Age: 
> Challenges for Libraries, Museums and Archives   +++
> Seminar, Thursday 13 - Friday 14 August, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
> On 13 and 14 August 1998, a seminar on "Convergence in the Digital Age:
> Challenges for Libraries, Museums and Archives" will be held with
> support of the European Union, in Amsterdam. The seminar is a satellite
> event of this years IFLA General conference which takes place in
> Amsterdam  from 16 to 21 August 1998.
> Libraries, museums and archives are all increasingly dealing with
> documents, publications and information in electronic form. This new
> environment is obliging them to confront digitisation, archiving,
> preservation, new users services and new economic models in a complex
> legal framework.
> The seminar is hence a unique opportunity for those interested in the
> fields of libraries, museums or archives to share their experiences of
> handling digital information and to discuss common issues and
> challenges. It also aims at providing new ideas for the definition of
> strategies for co-operation in a digital environment.
> The seminar is organised in 6 main thematic sessions:
> I. The Organisation of Knowledge in a Digital Environment
> II. The Citizen's Access to the Digital Heritage
> III. New Services in their Legal Context
> IV. The Future of the Digital Present
> V. Converging Technologies and Standards for Digital Collections
> VI. Strategic Issues in Research and Technological Development
> These themes will be illustrated by presentations of ongoing projects.
> Most of these projects are sponsored by the European Commission.
> The full programme is to be published within a few weeks.
> Organising committee:
> -  Ms. Concha Fernandez de la Puente, European Commission DGXIII/E-4,
>    Luxembourg
> -  Prof. Dr. Eric Ketelaar, Professor of Archival Science at the
>    Universities of Leyden and Amsterdam, The Netherlands
> -  Dr. Christian Lupovici, Member of the IFLA Section on Information
>    Technology and librarian of the University of Marne-la-Vallie France
> -  Dr. Maria Vittoria Marini-Clarelli, Ministero per i Beni Culturali e
>    Ambientali, Italy
> -  Mr. Bendikt Rugaas, National Librarian, National Library of Norway
> -  Dr. Juan Zozaya, Subdirector of the Museo Arqueolsgico Nacional, Spain
> -  Mr. Johan van de Walle, Secretary of the National Focal Point for the
>    Telematics for Libraries programme in the Netherlands
> The seminar will be held in one of the most attractive and historical
> buildings of Amsterdam. Once the residence of an important trading family,
> it is now the seat of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences.
> For further information and reservations, please contact:
> Johan van de Walle
> PO Box 80544
> NL-2508 GM The Hague
> The Netherlands
> E-mail: vandewalle _at__ stb.tno.nl and jvdwalle _at__ bart.nl
> The registration fee will be 200 Dutch Guilders. Coffee, lunch and social
> events are included in the price. The price will be 300 Dutch Guilders for
> registration after the 1st of July.
> Best wishes,
> EBLIDA,  Barbara Schleihagen, Director
> Heidi Grootscholten, EU Policy Officer
> P.O. Box 43300   NL-2504 AH The Hague
> Tel: +31-70-309 06 08   Fax: +31-70-309 07 08
> email: eblida _at__ nblc.nl   http://www.kaapeli.fi/~eblida/

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