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Libraries in the learning community - conference (fwd)

England im Juni ? Interesse ? -- viele Gruesse, hbk :-)

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>     Library and Information Commission - University of Sunderland
>     An International Conference
>     University of Sunderland
>     22/23 June 1998
>     A conference of interest to senior policy makers within government; 
>     library and information managers from the public, academic and other 
>     sectors; learning managers; and information and communications 
>     technology strategists.
>     Keynote speakers include Baroness Blackstone, Lord Puttnam, Matthew 
>     Evans and Professor Bob Fryer.
>     June 22: The Vision of the Learning Community.
>     The view of Government, senior policy advisors, the Library and 
>     Information Commission and key strategy and library managers
>     June 23 (am): Libraries in their Learning Communities
>     Best practice, lessons to be learnt and working case studies from the 
>     UK, Europe, Asia and North America
>     (pm):The Way Forward: Challenges for Learners, Librarians and 
>     Communities
>     The strategic frameworks, modes of operating, partnerships and 
>     alliances that need to be made to create a successful learning 
>     community. A practical toolkit for delegates to tailor to their own 
>     communities.
>     There is growing interest in the concept of "learning communities" in 
>     many countries around the world and their crucial importance in the 
>     Information Society. 
>     This landmark international conference will identify the way forward 
>     for librarians and information managers to meet the considerable 
>     challenge of facilitating and supporting lifelong learning in their 
>     learning communities.
>     Delegates can develop their own frameworks for establishing successful 
>     learning communities. They will be guided by keynote speeches from 
>     senior government ministers and policy makers, librarians and managers 
>     of public sector strategies, and by international case studies and 
>     open discussion. Within their own corporate context Delegates will be 
>     able to identify the organisational partnerships and networks needed 
>     and the collaborative arrangements between key private and public 
>     sector agencies that are necessary to implement significant change.
>     The Exhibition will include representatives of Learning Cities 
>     throughout Europe and selected vendors with experience of partnership 
>     modes of working.
>     Cost:The conference fee is £350 and includes VAT; lunch; sherry 
>     reception and conference dinner; refreshments during breaks; coach 
>     transport for journeys between recommended hotel  accommodation and 
>     St. Peter's Campus; parking at St. Peter's Campus; conference pack.
>     Further information/ Booking form:
>     Visit the Conference Website 
>     www.library.sunderland.ac.uk/conference/confintro.htm
>     or contact:
>     Janet Stafford, 
>     Systems Manager
>     Information Services
>     University of Sunderland
>     Chester Road Library
>     Chester Road
>     Sunderland SR1 3SD
>     United Kingdom
>     tel: + 44 (0)191 515 2903  fax: +44 (0)191 515 2904 
>     email: janet.stafford _at__ sunderland.ac.uk   

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