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Conference Announcement - ICCC/IFIP Electronic Publishing '98

Liebe KollegInnen,
die folgende mitteilung leite ich gerne an sie weiter:

>  +++  ICCC/IFIP Electronic Publishing '98  +++
>  Towards the Information-Rich Society
>  20-22 April 1998,
>  The Central European University Residence and Conference Center,
>  Budapest, Hungary
> The ICCC (International Council for Computer Communications) in
> conjunction with IFIP (International Federation for Information
> Processing) is pleased to announce the Second ICCC/IFIP Conference on
> Electronic Publishing to be held in the Central European University
> Residence and Conference Center, Budapest, Hungary, 20-22 April 1998. The
> title of this year's conference is Electronic Publishing '98 - Towards the
> Information-Rich Society. There will be two parallel tracks: one on
> socio-economic issues; and the other on technical issues. There will also
> be plenary sessions for papers and discussions that cover the whole of
> electronic publishing.
> A major underlying theme of the ICCC/IFIP Electronic Publishing 
> conferences is the promotion of an 'exchange of experience' between the
> participants - especially between academics researching in the area, and
> publishers and others with practical experience. All papers are refereed
> to ensure high quality.
> Keynote speakers
> We are particularly pleased to welcome our two invited speakers: Professor
> Sir Roger Elliott, ICSU Press (Former Chief Executive of Oxford University
> Press), UK, and Miles Ellis, Director of the Educational Technology
> Resources Centre, University of Oxford, UK.
> Target audience
> The Conference is aimed at anyone involved in the production, provision,
> or use of Electronic Publishing and/or its products, or the academic study
> of these activities. This includes (but is not limited to): publishers;
> providers of net services; providers of support services for e-publishing;
> information professionals; librarians; information consultants; all
> academics in information and publishing studies; and others with an
> interest in any aspect of e-publishing and the provision of public
> information.
> A truly international Conference
> We already have speakers from 20 countries and expect delegates from even
> more. We have speakers from: Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic,
> France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Lithuania, Macedonia, the
> Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden,. Ukraine, UK, and
> the USA
> Conference language
> The working language of the Conference is English with simultaneous
> translation into Russian.
> The Programme
> An Advance Programme (in timetable form), including links to abstracts of
> papers, is available at:
> http://www.ukc.ac.uk/library/ICCC98/advprogttbl.htm
> NB. This is the Advance Programme and speakers, times, etc. may change.
> The Web page will be updated with any changes.
> Brochure
> A colour brochure is available - you may request one from:
> iccc-ep98 _at__ ukc.ac.uk.
> Exhibition  
> An Exhibition is being organised in parallel with the Conference. The
> exhibition will be open to Conference delegates and external visitors. If
> you are interested in exhibiting please contact:
> Laszlo Szeibert
> Open Society Institute
> Electronic Publishing Development Program
> Tel: +36 1 327 3122
> Fax: +36 1 327 3042
> E-mail: szeibert _at__ osi.hu
> The Venue
> The Conference is to be held at the Central European University Residence
> and Conference Center. This a 'state of the art' conference centre
> completed in 1995. We have been enabled to use this venue with the help of
> a team from the Electronic Publishing Development Program of the Open
> Society Institute, Budapest, led by Michael Kay. This team is also
> providing the Local Organisation for the Conference.
> The Organising Committee would like to acknowledge the financial
> support provided to ICCC/IFIP Electronic Publishing '98 by the Electronic
> Publishing Development Program funded by the Foundation Open Society
> Institute. ***
> Accommodation
> (Note: See 'Fees' below for charges)
> The majority of delegates will be accommodated in the Conference Center
> itself. These are single rooms with showers, direct-dial telephones and
> cable television. The complex includes a self-service restaurant and
> coffee lounge. There is also an indoor swimming pool and sauna.
> We have also reserved rooms in other hotels. Where these are not within 
> easy walking distance of the venue transport will be arranged to and from
> the Conference Center during the Conference.
> The allocation of rooms will be on a 'first come - first served' principle
> with the Conference Center rooms being allocated first.
> In all cases the accommodation is 'bed and breakfast' only and you will
> need to pay separately for any other meals and services.
> *** The accommodation we have reserved is limited so you are advised to
> Register for the Conference as soon as possible if you want one of these
> rooms! ***
> Alternatively you are free to make your own accommodation arrangements if
> you wish. Simply indicate you are doing this in the space on the
> Registration Form for 'other special needs' and leave the accommodation
> section of the form blank.
> Fees   
> The Conference Fee (includes lunch/refreshments at the Conference)
> is 200 UK Pounds or 350 US Dollars.
> Single accommodation (single, bed and breakfast) is available at
> 40 UK Pounds or 70 US Dollars per night.
> NB - All fees must be paid in advance of the Conference.
> ...Registration
> Delegates should register using the official registration form. Copies in
> various electronic formats can be found at our main Web page:
> http://www.ukc.ac.uk/library/ICCC98/index.htm
> or you may request a paper or fax copy. Please e-mail
> iccc-ep98 _at__ ukc.ac.uk
> giving your full postal address or fax number (including international
> code).
> Sponsorship opportunities
> Would you like to be a sponsor of an identified item or event?
> A list of items/events than can be sponsored can be found at:
> http://www.ukc.ac.uk/library/ICCC98/icccsplst.htm
> If you would like to identify your company with this Conference please
> contact:
> Prof Dipak Khakhar
> Department of Informatics
> Ole Romers vag 6
> S-22363 Lund
> Sweden
> E-mail: dipak.khakhar _at__ ics.lu.se
> Tel: +46 46 222 8028
> Fax: +46 46 222 4528
> Any other enquiries
> If you have any enquiries about the Conference, or just want a colour
> brochure, please 
> e-mail: iccc-ep98 _at__ ukc.ac.uk

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