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Fwd: Copyright Directive: New developments

Liebe KollegInnen,
die folgende meldung aus grossbritannien gebe ich gerne weiter:

> The full text of the Copyright Directive is now available as PDF file for
> downloading in all official EU languages at: 
> http://europa.eu.int/comm/dg15/en/index.htm
> under "Intellectual Property" (not to find via "what's new").
> The European Parliament announced last Friday, that they received the text
> of the draft Directive. They have appointed the Committee on Legal Affairs
> and Citizens' Rights as the responsible committee, and, bad for us but no
> surprise, they appointed yesterday Mr Roberto Barzanti as the person to
> draft the text (rapporteur).
> Our lobby was successful in getting the consumer committee involved. For
> the first time, the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and
> Consumer Protection will be involved in the Copyright legislation process.
> This is in favour for us. It is likely that Mr Philip Whitehead, UK will be
> appointed to draft the opinion, but this will only be announced in about a
> month time. We will prepare a list of all MEPs that are in this Committee
> and will circulate this to you.
> Also involved as a committee to give its opinion, is the Committee on
> Culture, Youth, Education and the Media. Again, a name mentioned as the
> possible draft person is Hugh Kerr, UK, but he or somebody else will only
> be appointed next month. Mr Kerr seems to have good relations with the
> rightowners side.
> Not involved this time is the Committee for Social Affairs and the
> Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, but this might still be change. 
> The European Parliament will not start before April to work on the
> Directive. This gives us the necessary time to seek already support and a
> favourable attitude for our case within the Parliament. This also means we
> are already one month later than our indicative timetable that was
> distributed in Copenhagen.
> The European Council working group met for the first time on 11-12
> February. They are planning to meet every month. The next meeting is
> scheduled for 5 March to talk about the WIPO Treaties. We are just
> comparing whether the list of participants in the working group has changed
> from the one distributed at Copenhagen.
> We are in the process of revising the draft EBLIDA position paper according
> to your suggested amendments in and after Copenhagen. I am aiming at
> distributing the paper during the course of next week. 
> I already heard from colleagues in Finland, Sweden, Danmark, Spain, UK, and
> France about activities and meetings after Copenhagen. In future, I will
> use this closed list to distribute information on further lobby activities
> of EBLIDA and its members.
> Best wishes,
> Barbara Schleihagen
> Barbara Schleihagen, Director
> Heidi Grootscholten, EU Policy Officer
> P.O. Box 43300
> NL-2504 AH The Hague
> Tel: +31-70-309 06 08
> Fax: +31-70-309 07 08
> email: eblida _at__ nblc.nl

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