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Re: Discussion List on Digital Reference Services (fwd)

>Liebe KollegInnen, 
>ich glaube, dass die nachfolgend weitergeleitete message
>fuer einige von ihnen nuetzlich sein kann:
>> Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998 
>> From: Joann Wasik <jmwasik _at__ ericir.syr.edu>
>> To: Multiple recipients 
>> Subject: Digital Reference Services
>> *********************************************************
>> The Virtual Reference Desk (http://www.vrd.org) announces the DIG_REF
>> Listserv. DIG_REF is a forum for the growing number of people and
>> organizations answering the questions of users via the INTERNET. From
>> Ask-an-Expert (AskA) services to libraries, an increasing number of
>> organizations are creating digital reference services to provide expert
>> information and reference help.
>> DIG_REF seeks to bring together experts who answer questions, as well as
>> librarians, organizations and associations dedicated to meeting the
>> reference needs of their users via the Internet. The list will discuss
>> all aspects of providing question & answer services over the worldwide
>> network, from service creation and implementation to issues of services
>> and quality. This list will also provide information on the Virtual
>> Reference Desk project and developments in the field of digital
>> reference.
>> To subscribe to DIG_REF, just do this:
>> 1.  Send an e-mail message to:  LISTSERV _at__ LISTSERV.SYR.EDU
>> 2.  In the first line of the message, type:
>> SUBSCRIBE DIG_REF Firstname Lastname
>> (Of course, you would substitute your actual name in the line, such as
>> "SUBSCRIBE DIG_REF John Doe" No quotes necessary
>> The DIG_REF listserv computer will respond with an informative message,
>> which will ask for a confirmation. You will then be added if you properly
>> follow the directions.
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