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Beilsteinuebernahme durch Elsevier

Eine Nachricht aus einer amerikanischen CHemieinformationsliste, die ich
hiermit weitergebe:

>December 1997
>Amsterdam, The Netherlands
>Elsevier Science today announced that it has entered into Letters of Intent
>with Information Handling Services Group Inc. (IHS) and the Beilstein
>Institute (BI) to acquire the shares of Beilstein Informationssysteme GmbH
>(BIS - GmbH) and to obtain an exclusive commercial licence to the Beilstein
>Database and Handbook. It is the intention that the final agreement will be
>signed during the next month, subject to approval by the German Kartellamt.
>MDL Information Systems, Inc. (MDL), a division of Elsevier Science,
> together with the staff of BIS-GmbH, will jointly market, sell, and
>support the entire Beilstein product range including the CrossFire System.
>MDL produces and distributes ISIS, a comprehensive family of products that
>manages, analyses, and communicates all types of scientific information, as
>well as a broad range of molecule and reaction databases.
>Werner Rinnert, Member of the Board of the Beilstein Institute said: "The
>long term relationship with Elsevier Science will be a guarantee that our
>database and handbook is strongly represented in the market. We expect
>significant synergies to be derived from this cooperation which we feel
>will be of great benefit to the chemical community."
>Peter Nientker, Group Director of Strategy and Development of Elsevier
>Science said: "Beilstein, founded by the Max Planck Gesellschaft, is a
>quality product in chemistry which we are happy to represent. Elsevier
>Science's position in primary organic chemistry information, together with
>the Beilstein database and MDL's systems and market position, will secure
>the delivery of a superior and integrated product to our customers."
>Steven Goldby, chief executive officer of  MDL said: "Our customers stress
>the importance of effective access to a broad range of scientific content
>to accelerate research and discovery decision making. Integrating Beilstein
>and MDL chemical data with customers' proprietary databases via ISIS and
>CrossFire will create an unparalleled body of information encompassing
>compounds, syntheses, and properties. Coupling this with access to Elsevier
>content via ScienceDirect will significantly enhance scientific decision
>making and help speed the research process."
>Chris Meyer, president, COO and CFO of IHS said: "IHS is fully supportive
>of this transaction and will support a smooth transition of the BIS-GmbH
>Notes for the Editor:
>Information Handling Services Group Inc. is one of the world's largest
>publishers of electronic information databases serving the technical,
>business, and professional information needs of companies around the globe.
>Based in Colorado, IHS Group has worldwide annual sales of more than $360
>million and 2,200 employees.
>The Beilstein-Institut for Organic Chemistry is a non-profit making
>organisation, founded in 1951 by the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, and is
>dedicated to the advancement of chemical science. It produces the standard
>reference work for organic chemistry - the Beilstein Handbook - and
>designed and developed the Beilstein Database which has now grown to ca. 8
>million structures. The Database covering the literature from 1779 to the
>present contains chemical structures with their respective physical
>properties, reactions and citations. Total expected revenues of BIS GmbH
>for next year are DM 25 million, the majority of which will derive from the
>Beilstein database and CrossFire sales.
>MDL Information Systems, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elsevier
>Science, is a leading provider of integrated solutions to industrial,
>government, and academic producers and users of chemical and biological
>products. Our  pioneering software systems, databases, and services help
>customers manage, communicate, and analyse the volumes of data associated
>with modern research, manufacturing, and business work flows. MDL has
>specialized applications in the areas of chemical, biological, and genomic
>information management, high-throughput synthesis and screening, materials
>science, chemical sourcing, and environmental health and safety. MDL has
>offices worldwide with headquarters in San Leandro, California.
>Elsevier Science, with its headquarters in The Netherlands, is a member of
>the Reed Elsevier plc group, with offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia
>Pacific. It publishes approximately 1,200 scientific journals in all major
>scientific, technical and medical disciplines. It also offers a substantial
>range of database and electronic library products, including Elsevier
>Electronic Subscriptions which provides access to locally stored Elsevier
>Science journals. Further more Elsevier Science is in the early release
>phase of ScienceDirect, an on-line host database, which will include all of
>Elsevier Science's academic journals and those of other participating
>For further information, please contact:
>Elsevier Science        Peter Nientker          +31 20 485 2878
>Beilstein Institute     Werner Rinnert          +49 69 791 7251
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