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Katalogisierung des Internet

nachfolgend ein Auszug aus Current Cites vom Oktober ´95 als Nachtrag zur -
mittlerweile ja abgeflauten - Diskussion um die Moeglichkeiten bzw. den Sinn
von Bemuehungen zur Katalogisierung von moeglichst vielen
Freundliche Gruesse von
Achim Osswald

Heaney, Michael. "Object-Oriented Cataloging" Information
Technology and Libraries 14(3) (September 1995):135-153.
-- Amidst an outcry from librarians to "catalog the
Internet" (as if that were possible), Heaney's article
appears to indicate that such an activity would be like
loading more people on the Titanic while it sinks beneath
their feet. Certainly many of the limitations and problems
with existing bibliographic standards like AACR2 and MARC
are well-known among librarians conversant with them, but
Heaney goes much farther than most would go in his attempt
to bring cataloging practice into the networked age. He
proposes an entirely new cataloging standard (AACR3 as it
were) based upon object-oriented modeling. He freely
acknowledges, however, that the sheer weight of existing
standards presents a formidable barrier to the drastic
changes that he proposes. Nonetheless it can be provocative
and informative to consider his proposal. -- RT

                        _Current Cites_
                        Volume 6, no. 10
                          October 1995

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