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(aus ARL-EJOURNAL): Electronic Archiving

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Achim Osswald

>Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 17:07:30 -0500

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>From: nilgesc _at__ oclc.org (Nilges,Chip)
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>Subject: Electronic Archiving
>OCLC has made a commitment to archive electronic journals through a service 
>that we will release this spring. Called Electronic Collections Online, the 
>service will enable participating libraries to subscribe to large 
>collections of academic and professional journals, from many publishers, and 
>access them remotely on the Web.
>A key component of the service is archival access to the journals the 
>library has subscribed to through Electronic Collections Online. In its 
>contractual agreements with publishers,  OCLC obtains the right to mount all 
>content at OCLC and create a permanent electronic archive.  This includes 
>the right to store in perpetuity all of the journal content delivered to 
>OCLC during the period of the contract and to provide ongoing access to 
>libraries that have subscribed to this content, even if the publisher 
>terminates its agreement with OCLC.
>The archiving component of Electronic Collections Online also includes 1) 
>secure, off-site storage of all journal content available through the 
>service; 2) provisions for maintaining subscription profiles on behalf of 
>participating libraries; 3) the use of standard data formats to ensure 
>long-term accessibility of journal articles; 4) provisions for technology 
>migration; and 5) provisions for making journal content available to 
>participating libraries in the event that the service is discontinued.
>We believe this policy provides a strong base from which to build an 
>archiving service that will meet the needs of our library membership.  We 
>intend to continue exploring this critical area with libraries and our 
>publishing partners in an effort to refine our model to meet the needs of 
>both for a dependable, accessible permanent record for academic and 
>professional journals.
>We have prepared a printed version of our complete archiving policy and 
>would be happy to share it with interested parties.  A version of it  will 
>also be available in mid-February from the OCLC home page  _at__  www.oclc.org.
>Chip Nilges

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