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Hilfe fXr Polnische Bibliotheken

Liebe Liste,
da die vor einigen Tagen verbreitete Mitteilung wenig Ansatzpunkte fuer
konkrete Hilfe bot, erlaube ich mir nochmals eine entsprechende
Information bereitzustellen. Falls in Deutschland irgendwelche
Bibliotheken bereits Hilfe fuer die polnischen Bibliotheken
koordinieren, waere es gut, dies auch in der Liste mitzuteilen. Ich
bitte nochmals um Vergebung fuer die "Zweckentfremdung".

Freundliche Gruesse
Dr. Klaus Graf
graf _at__ uni-koblenz.de

Warsaw, 21 July 1997. 
Dear Librarians Worldwide: 
The flood in Southern and Western Poland has caused severe damages in
our libraries. Those libraries urgently need consultation on how to
deal with damaged collections, equipment, hardware and buildings,
which means also the need of material and financial help. Central
databank The National Library in Poland - Warsaw has declared to
participate in the organization of the aid for those institutions. The
central databank has been created here, in order to collect, process,
manage, and transfer all data on damages of any kind and of particular
libraries needs to/from libraries, and to/from donors. The contact
person is Mrs Wanda Tyminska: email: biblnar _at__ biblnar.bn.org.pl,
telephone: + 48 - 22 608-2298, fax: + 48 - 22 608-2644. Individual and
group help In addition to the above mentioned databank, the National
Library has created a special team that prepares instructions on how
to organize individual and group help: * it coordinates the
organization of the aid; * it gives instructions, consultations,
advise on how to deal with damaged materials (of any kind); * it
prepares reports, recommendations and proposals for all relevant
authorities and institutions. The contact person is Dr. Barbara
Drewniewska-Idziak: email: bnochron _at__ biblnar.bn.org.pl telephone: + 48
- 22 608-2951. fax: + 48 - 22 608-2644. Coordination The coordinator
of all activities, responsible for the organization of the aid -
located at the National Library - is Mr Jan Wolosz, deputy director of
the National Library in Poland - Warsaw: email:
bnwolosz _at__ biblnar.bn.org.pl, telephone: + 48 - 22 251-596, fax: + 48 -
22 259-157). The above mentioned teams of the National Library
cooperate closely with the team organized by the Ministry of Culture
and Art, and of the Polish Librarians Association, both dealing with
the same purpose. For all those who wish to support Polish libraries
with financial donations we have created a special sub-account of the
Foundation of the National Library: Bank PeKaO S.A., VIII O/W Warszawa
No 12401112-30001590-2700-401112-002 "Pomoc dla bibliotek - powodz".
Any other help would be more than welcome, in this respect please
contact directly the above mentioned persons. Thank you for the
consideration. Ewa Krysiak Biblioteka Narodowa/National Library Warsaw
Poland e-mail: ekrysiak _at__ biblnar.bn.org.pl

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