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Launching and electronic Journal?

Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

da ich mir vorstellen kann, daß die Ankündigung auch für diese Liste
interessant ist, leite ich das folgende weiter.

Schöne Grüße aus Dortmund (trübe, recht warm)

Klaus Gerlach.

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Subject:        Launching and electronic Journal?
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please find following an invitation to join a fairly new and serious
online discussion forum and launching pad for new electronic journals.
Access to the information held within the forum is free - please feel
free to browse the forum at http://www.free-press.com/free-press.htm -
and please free free to share this email with any of your colleagues
wishing to launch an ejournal or requesting further information on
electronic publishing.

                             Internet Free-Press
                 The first-Stop for electronic publishing
                 Free Access at http://www.free-press.com/

Leading academic and management publisher, MCB University Press announces
its sponsorship of Internet Free-Press, a new organization that aims to
"virtually" bring together people and information on the subject of
electronic publishing.

Members might be existing publishers of electronic journals, researchers,
university professors, librarians - anyone who is interested in generating
and disseminating scholarly information.  Internet Free- Press members can
to log on to a dedicated Internet site - http://www.free-press.com/ and:

  o Launch their own electronic journal.

  o Read about the latest research and applications of the Internet with
    a subscription to   their e-journal, Internet Research: Electronic
    Networking Applications and Policy.

  o Browse the Internet Free-Press Library archive, a continuously updated
    archive of e-journals on the Web.

  o Learn the tricks of site design and page set up using the Internet
    Research Forum.

  o Network with other members using the Members Directory.

  o Start and join in with member electronic conferences.

  o Learn From the "How to..." collection on electronic publishing -  a
    complete resource   giving guidance of how to publish electronically,
    including how to write, set up and "publish" your own online article
    or e-journal as well as all of the technical  information needed to
    set up a journal on the World Wide Web.


Anyone interested in launching an electronic publication, whether free
or paid for, can apply to join the Internet Free-Press.  If approved,
they gain access to all the information outlined above plus unlimited
space to post their articles on MCB's fast access server.  Members also:
join a community (with discussion forum) of other publishers like
themselves, with access to a reference library of e-journals; have
access to consultancy advice on the business of publishing; receive
technical advice and support - from how to use HTML, to what a good
Web site should look like; and a subscription to Internet Research:
Electronic Networking Applications and Policy.


Access to Internet Free-Press discussion and information forum is free -
log on to join a fast growing community of members interested in and
learning about electronic publishing.


Internet Free-Press has a growing portfolio of some 16 electronic journals -
some with free some with paid access as follows:

Asian Libraries: The Library and Information Services Journal
Empowerment in Organisations
Electronic Resources Review
Journal of Continuing Professional Development
International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research
Journal of Management History
Journal of Marketing Practice: Applied Marketing Science
Journal of Sports Tourism
Librarian Career Development
Team Performance Management
Internet Research: Electronic Networking Applications & Policy
Virtual Prototyping Journal
Virtual University Journal
International Journal of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies
Journal of Systemic Knowledge Management

International Journal of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies.

To Launch your electronic Journal or to join the Internet Free-Press
discussion and information forum contact:

Gillian Crawford, Vice President
Internet Free-Press
60/62 Toller Lane
West Yorkshire

Tel:     44 (0) 1274 777700
fax:     44 (0) 1274 785201
e-mail: gcrawford _at__ free-press.com

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