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HEP Libraries Webzine new release

[Sorry for cross-posting]

Dear all,

The March issue of the High Energy Physics Libraries Webzine was released
last week :


Table of contents:

- Luisella Goldschmidt-Clermont, Communication Patterns in High-Energy

This historical paper was written in 1965 by Luisella 
Goldschmidt-Clermont, who envisioned and inspired the preprint
communication system. For complex reasons, it has not been published until
now, but it has been referred to throughout the years, and it became a
requirement for the community to make the paper available for research
purposes. We are proud to publish it with its author's consent.

- Jens Vigen, New Communication Channels:  Electronic Clones, but Probably
the First Steps Toward a New Paradigm

- Heath O'Connell, Physicists Thriving with Paperless Publishing

-  Bernd Wegner and Michael Jost, EMIS 2001:  A Portal to Mathematics in

- Renato Spigler, Peer Reviewing and Electronic Publishing

Happy reading !...


The editorial team.

Jean-Philippe Schmitt
CERN Scientific Information Service (Div. ETT-SI)
1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland
jean-philippe.schmitt _at__ cern.ch
phone: +41 22 767 3508,  fax: +41 22 767 2860

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