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Digitale Bibliotheken in Frankreich


FYI France: Digital Library work in France

Current Digital Library work in France is covered well in the
following resources: most have some form of English language
interface available. Sometimes it is useful to have a non -
English language effort in the mix. Examples, research, catalogs,
search terms --

1) examples of Digital Libraries, in France

* The Bibliothe`que nationale de France


 * http://gallica.bnf.fr/ -- Gallica, the bibliothe`que
 nume'rique of the BnF --

 Files online at Gallica include:

 "Discover Africa through the Accounts of Travelers" -- texts,
 reviews, maps, sounds, photographs.

 "Learned Societies" -- Science journals and reviews, published
 by 29 societies from 1750 to 1914.

 "Discover France through the Accounts of Travelers" -- text,
 images, sound, a panorama of France from the Middle  Ages to the
 beginning of the 20th century.

 "Utopia" -- the exhibition "Utopia, the Quest for an Ideal
 Society in the West", organised April 4 - July 9 2000 by the BnF
 and the New York Public Library.

 "The Proust File" -- the original manuscript of the final volume
 of _La Recherche du Temps Perdu : Le Temps Retrouve'_.

 "The Voice, on Gallica" -- the first experiments in sound
 recording, from the era before the microphone -- historical
 documents including Pathe' recordings of "Speeches of French
 Politicians of the First World War Era".

 "Discover Italy through the Accounts of Travelers" -- texts,
 reviews, maps, sounds, photographs (coming soon)

 "Gallica Classique" -- for students, researchers, teachers --
 the great authors of French literature, including _La Come'die
 Humaine_ of Balzac, the complete works of Chateaubriand, and the
 famous collection of Classiques Garnier.

 * http://expositions.bnf.fr/ -- "Online Exhibits" of the BnF
   http://expositions.bnf.fr/usindex.htm (in English)

 Current "Online Exhibits" of the BnF include:

 "Comics Before There Were Comics" -- the cartoon, and the
 graphic image generally.

 "Medieval Gastronomy" -- health, wealth and recipes...

 "The Art of the Arab Book" -- sumptuous illustration.

 "Fairy Tales" -- what it takes to make one, and what they look
 and sound like -- "Il e'tait une fois..."

 "Paris, Work and Daily Life" -- images from the last century
 files of L'Aurore - Le Figaro.

 "Brouillons d'Ecrivains" -- how writers write -- from medieval
 manuscripts to Zola, Balzac, Queneau.

 * http://classes.bnf.fr/ -- "Teaching Materials", at the BnF

 Very useful to all sorts of people: for example in History,
 "Maps, Atlases et Globes", including "L'Atlas catalan", "Les
 globes de Coronelli", "Lubinetski", "Le Ce'larius", "L'Atlas
 Apianus", "Orion", "La ge'ographie d'Idri^si^", "Les mappemondes
 en TO" -- or in Literature, "Approaches Through Symbols",
 including "Images of the Internet".

 General note: The national library, the Bibliothe`que nationale
 de France, has mounted a large and increasing number of very
 interesting exhibits online, any or all together of which can
 offer much insight into the French approach to the Digital
 Libraries theme. This is a "national patrimony" strategy, one
 significantly coordinated from a centralized and governmental
 perspective -- in marked distinction to many Digital Library
 efforts elsewhere, but more the common case for countries
 outside of the US. In most places these things are centralized,
 in spite of the supposedly - decentralized nature of the Internet.

* The Bibliothe`que municipale de Lyon


 Current online exhibits include:

 "Gabriele Di Matteo: The blind man, recent works."

 "Si tu es sage, tu auras une image: Imagery -- the popular, the
 religious and the profane."

 "From Streetcrime to the Front Page: the Belle Epoque in the
 illustrated press."

 "A Jesuit Library: A look at the Fontaines collection."

 "Little Red Riding Hood: in the forest of fable."

 "Prophecies for Trouble Times: Nostradamus over the centuries."

 General note: Decentralization does exist in France, however --
 largely as a product of a very strong and longstanding national
 central government effort in fact. There are, in addition,
 strong and proud regional traditions which add to the local mix
 as well. In Lyon, which has long been an alternative pole to
 Paris throughout French history, the famous bibliothe`que
 municipale there proudly offers examples online of what a French
 regional locality can achieve in Digital Library work. So even
 in countries which have not yet tried this, the French example
 offers hope to local and regional and trans - national efforts.

* The French national Ministry of Culture

 http://www.culture.fr -- outstanding example of a centralized
 and governmental approach to Digital Libraries work -- one -
 stop shopping for everything "digital" going on in the country's
 cultural affairs, including several not to be missed online
 exhibits, such as,

 http://www.saqqara.culture.gouv.fr/ -- a fascinating tour
 through the Louvre's "Mastaba de Akhethe'tep"...

* The National Library School -- the ENSSIB / Ecole Nationale
Supe'rieure des Sciences de l'Information et des Bibliothe`ques --

 http://www.enssib.fr/ -- the school
 http://www.enssib.fr/bibliotheque/ -- the ENSSIB library
 http://bbf.enssib.fr/ -- the BBF / Bulletin des Bibliothe`ques
 de France (online and printed editions)

 -- "Programs in Digital Libraries, including "Collections de
 textes e'lectroniques" and "Ressources documentaires de la
 bibliothe`que de l'enssib".

 http://debora.enssib.fr/ -- something relatively new, called,
 intriguingly, "Digital accEss to BOoks of the RenAissance"...

* IRCAM / Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique /
Musique -- offering many Digital Library resources, including,

 http://mac-texier.ircam.fr/index.html -- About Composers --

 Entering "ginastera" retrieves "Alberto Ginastera, Compositeur
 argentin ne' le 11 avril 1916 a` Buenos Aires, mort le 25 juin
 1983 a` Gene`ve", and "passacaglia" retrieves "De Mey, Ligeti,
 Penderecki, Semini, Stravinsky, Webern..." no Bach, though...

* The exhibit of and tour through the phenomenal "L'Abbaye Saint
Germain d'Auxerre" site, online -- "worth a journey..." --


2) Digital Library teaching / techniques / research, in France

* INRIA / Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en

 http://www.inria.fr/index.en.html (in English)
 http://www.inria.fr/recherche/equipes/index.fr.html -- research
 http://www.inria.fr/multimedia/ -- some pretty neat projects...

* ENSSIB / Ecole Nationale Supe'rieure des Sciences de
l'Information et des Bibliothe`ques -- the library school


* IRCAM / Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique /
Musique -- an impressivly - maintained list of upcoming
conferences, worldwide, on music and the Internet and Text
Retrieval and Data Mining and "Algorithmic Learning Theory", and
then some... --


3) catalogs -- links to other Digital Library efforts, in France
-- "Linkothe`ques" (their term, not mine) --

* "Les Signets de la Bibliothe`que nationale de France" --

* "L'Internet Culturel", of the Ministry --

* Yahoo.fr --
 http://www.yahoo.fr/ (or) http://yahoo.fr (or)


4) operative search terms -- for search & retrieval in Digital
Library things, in French -- for "nations separated by a common

 banque(s) de donne'e(s)
 bibliothe`que(s) nume'rique(s)
 bibliothe`que(s) e'lectronique(s)
 bibliothe`que(s) en ligne(s)
 bibliothe`que(s) virtuelle(s)
 centre(s) de documentation
 digital library(ies)
 e'dition(s) e'lectronique(s)
 e'dition(s) nume'rique(s)


 le Web, la Webbe, le Ouebbe, la Ouebbe, "sur Internet", "sur
 l'Internet", l'araigne'e...

The French nearly always do things a little differently -- always
very useful for Digital Library comparisons, comparative
analysis, an "outside view" -- they don't do it in English, for
example... not first, anyway...


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