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Beginners Question: Standards to observe/follow for new project?

we are at the onset of a project planning to document and archive
psychological raw data sets as addidition to the publications. We are
going to describe the data sets with metadata (XML, Dublin Core) and
store them in a database. Researchers should have access to a variety
of aspects, e.g. research instruments, variables, methods. We plan to
use our existing LinuxApacheMysqlPerl-Components.

The local University Library here presently has no plans to implement a
digital library portal/metadata harvesting service within the near

The question: Should our descriptions of data sets follow rules
compliant to OAI repositories/protocols ore some other important
standard?  Could our developing collection this way become perhaps
compatible to an Internet-Library-Portal without extensive reformatting
at some later date?

Any comments would be appreciated,
Regards, Juergen

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