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Wtrlt: Call for Papers: Migration Conference Paris 2004

Sehr geehrte Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

die US-amerikanischen Kollegen der Western European Studies Section 
(WESS) / ALA bitten um Kenntnisnahme der folgenden Veranstaltung in
im Maerz 2004

                 Migrations in Society, Culture and the Library

Vielen Dank und freundliche Gruesse
M. Mann-Kallenborn

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Dear Colleagues:

Below is the Call for Papers for the Paris 2004 Conference.  We would
much appreciate your forwarding it to the library lists you belong to
to colleagues who would be interested in hearing about this.  Please
note that the website and the flyer have been revised since you may have
last seen them.

Let me know if you would prefer an attached copy with the formatting

Thanks for your help in spreading the word as widely as possible!

For the Publicity Committee:

Helene Baumann

                                 Call for Papers

                 Migrations in Society, Culture and the Library
             WESS International Conference: Paris March 22-26, 2004

      The Western European Studies Section (WESS) of the Association of
      College and Research Libraries (ACRL) invites paper and panel
      proposals that apply to the theme of the conference: Migrations in
      Society, Culture and the Library.

      Although the themes of the conference are broad, we especially
      encourage individual paper proposals and panel proposals that:

·     address how migration-related transformations in Western Europe
affecting collection strategies     and public service in North American
and European research libraries

·     examine transatlantic activities and projects in Western European
Migration Studies, and their  significance for libraries

·     address the transformations of materials that libraries must
and the tools they use to provide   storage and access

·     investigate how "migrating" borders (both in scholarly disciplines
and across the face of Europe)      impact libraries

·     explore how migration activities and academic interest in
studies has had an impact on the    content and focus of book publishing

      Individual papers should be twenty minutes in length.  Panel
      proposals will comprise three speakers. Papers should form the
      for a collection of proceedings.  Proposals and abstracts are due
      April 1, 2003.  Electronic submissions are encouraged.

      For the full conference announcement and further information, see

      Please send panel proposals and paper abstracts (300 words max)
      addressing the paper's theme and conclusion, along with a short
      biographical note to:

      Barbara Walden
      278A Memorial Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison
      728 State Street, Madison, WI, 53706-1494
      E-mail: bwalden _at__ library.wisc.edu

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