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getCITED wrote:

> We are writing to remind you of your getCITED identity. The contents of >getCITED are indexed by some of the world's leading search engines, >including Google. For this reason, entering the details of your >publications into getCITED is an extremely effective way to let others >know about your research, particularly those without access to the >protected databases available in university libraries.


> Thus, when you have a moment to spare, you may want to consider >entering the details of your most recent publications into getCITED.
> FYI: getCITED is an academic database and directory intended to function as a tool for the collection, collation and dissemination of information of interest to the scholarly community. Like other web sites, getCITED allows its members to enter in content that can be viewed by others and it is for this reason that you have received this message. 



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