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(Fwd) VINE: Call for papers: Metadata

Liebe Liste,

da "Metadaten" ein aktuelles Thema gerade auch bei uns ist,
folgende Mail zu Ihrer Information aus der Liste lis-elib:

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Date:      Thu, 29 Jul 1999 12:05:57 +0100
Subject:  VINE: Call for papers: Metadata
From:      Liz Lewis <lewisea _at__ sbu.ac.uk>
To:          lis-elib _at__ mailbase.ac.uk, diglib _at__ infoserv.nlc-bnc.ca

[Apologies for cross posting]

VINE: Call for papers


VINE, published quarterly by LITC, at South Bank University London, is a
respected journal covering all IT applications in libraries and information
services. VINE's aim is to publish informative, well researched writing
that will be of immediate practical use to its busy, influential
readership. Each issue is an overview of a particular topic.

We are planning a special issue on the theme of Metadata. If you want to
submit a paper on a topic in this area, contact Liz Lewis at LITC,
lewisea _at__ sbu.ac.uk, +44(0)171 815 7843.

As always, contributions from outside the UK are very welcome.

The submission deadline is 17th September 1999.

Background information about LITC and Vine may be found at

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