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2 job vacancies at Amerika Haus Frankfurt Information Resource Ce

The Amerika Haus Frankfurt, the public affairs section of the U.S.
Consulate General Frankfurt, expects two vacancies in the Information
Resource Center in January 2000.  Although it is not yet certain that
these vacancies will be filled immediately, or at all, we would like to
provide the following job information:

The Information Resource Center (IRC) is responsible for a range of
information services on U.S. policy issues, international business and
trade, and U.S. political and social processes.  These services include
research and reference, outreach, and the maintenance and development of
web-based and other electronic information products.  Information
Resource Center Specialists work as part of a local and country-wide
Information Resource Center team.  Within this network, Frankfurt
specializes in economic issues.  The IRC Specialist works closely with
Amerika Haus and consulate staff on the integration of information
services into all public affairs activities.

Duties include providing in-depth research services for target audiences
and consulate staff as well as operating a public inquiry service;
maintaining and developing the center?s print and digital resources; and
running both print and electronic alert services.  Duties also include
working with colleagues to prepare and conduct program activities (such
as online user training, home page presentations, and preparation of
support materials), and contributing to the U.S. Embassy web site.

A university degree in information science or equivalent degree in a
relevant field is required, preferably with training at a U.S.
university.  Fluent English and German.  Highly desirable qualifications
include research experience in using digital information resources;
demonstrated technical knowledge and expertise in using HTML mark-up and
database creation tools to develop value-added information products;
and good interpersonal, communications and organizational skills.

If you are interested in being considered for one of these projected
positions, please send a brief resume to:

Amerika Haus Frankfurt
Information Resource Center
Att: Nancy Rajczak
Staufenstr. 1
60323 Frankfurt
Email:  Nutzer_25 _at__ amemb.de

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