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Re: Guidelines for OPAC Displays (fwd)

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Von: H. Bork <bork _at__ plb.de>
An: Internet in Bibliotheken <INETBIB _at__ ub.uni-dortmund.de>
Datum: Freitag, 8. Januar 1999 20:28
Betreff: Guidelines for OPAC Displays (fwd)

>Liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,
>magsein, der folgende URL ueber die OPAC-Empfehlungen
>aus IFLA-L interessiert einige unter uns, voila.
>Allen viel Glueck, Gesundheit und Erfolg im Neuen Jahre,
>viele Gruesse vom hbk ;-)
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>Date: Fri, 8 Jan 1999 09:33:42 -0800
>From: Dorothy McGarry <dmcgarry _at__ library.ucla.edu>
>Subject: Guidelines for OPAC Displays
>World-Wide Review of "Guidelines for OPAC Displays"
>The Task Force on Guidelines for OPAC Displays invites your review of
>the proposed text for the "Guidelines for OPAC Displays."
>The primary purpose of producing these guidelines is to bring together
>recommendations on a corpus of good practice to assist libraries in
>designing or re-designing their OPACs.  Existing OPACs demonstrate
>differences in the range and complexity of their functional features.
>It was considered important to make recommendations on displays in
>order to work toward fulfulling recognized functions of catalogues.
>The Task Force on Guidelines for OPAC Displays was set up by the IFLA
>Division of Bibliographic Control, with the Section on Cataloguing as
>the lead Section.  The Sections on Cataloguing, Bibliography,
>Classification and Indexing, and Information Technology were
>represented with members, and commentators were appointed from a number
>of Sections and Round Tables.  The first meeting of the Task Force took
>place at the 1997 IFLA conference in Copenhagen, with a follow-up
>meeting discussing a draft of the guidelines held at the 1998 IFLA
>conference in Amsterdam.
>The draft guidelines were drawn up by Martha Yee, Consultant to the
>Task Force, with input from Task Force members and commentators.
>The draft of the guidelines are available on the IFLAnet web site at:
>The table of contents pages may temporarily be incorrect, since the
>change from Word97 to the online version changed page numbers.  It is
>anticipated this will be corrected soon.
>Please send your comments to me on or before April 30, 1999, upon which
>date the review period will be completed.  Following the review,
>comments will be considered in revision of this document, and a final
>version will be presented to the Standing Committees of the Sections on
>Bibliography, Cataloguing, Classification and Indexing, and Information
>Technology for a vote.
>Thank you in advance for your comments.  It is necessary to get a wide
>range of input, including comments from people from various cataloguing
>traditions and using various formats, in order to make the final
>guidelines meet the needs of libraries througout the world.
>Please reply to:
>Dorothy McGarry
>PO Box 931119
>Los Angeles, CA  90093-1119, USA
>telephone: 1-310-825-3438
>fax: 1-310-206-3908
>Internet: dmcgarry _at__ library.ucla.edu
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