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Re: BOBCATSSS 2002 - Call for Papers

On 5 Jun 01, at 15:41, Karl Dietz wrote:

> Nachricht geht an INETBIB und AKI-Newsletter.
> Weitere Weiterleitungen gerne.
> Rückmeldung dann bitte an BOBCATSSS,
> für die ich diese Weiterleitung gerne gemacht habe.
> Herzliche Gruesse
> Karl Dietz


in der Original-PDF-Datei fehlte leider ein Teil,
den ich hier nachreiche.

Die gesamte Datei, schön formatiert im PDF-Format wurde von mir
abgespeichert unter:

Zur Info:
Der AKI-Stuttgart unterstützt diesen Kongress und hat auch einige
der Vorgängerkongresse finanziell unterstützt.

Herzliche Gruesse
Karl Dietz

> 10 Years of BOBCATSSS
> International Symposium
> Slovenia ? Portoro?, January 28 ? 30, 2002
> Hum _at__ n Beings and Information Specialists
> Future Skills - Qualifications ? Positioning
> BOBCATSSS 2002 is arranged by students
> from:
> www.BOBCATSSS.org
> Filozofska fakulteta
> Univerze v Ljubljani

Hum _at__ n Beings Human beings are increasingly becoming part of the
information society, which is characterised by technical progress,
global networks and virtual reality. Human beings are challenged to
process more and more information in a dynamic rapidity to manage
everyday life and their jobs. How does this development change the
private and professional life of human beings? What kinds of support
do they need and expect from information specialists?

Information Specialists In this process information specialists should
play a deciding role. They should assume responsibility for the
architecture and accessibility of the virtual world. They should help
human beings to get orientation in the cyberspace and they should
point out the chances of the global network for everybody. Information
specialists can fulfil these demands successfully. They have to
occupy acknowledged and influential positions in companies, in
administration, in libraries - in the information world in general. The
10 th BOBCATSSS Symposium should focus the attention on human
beings in the information society - their problems and their
challenges. These should be the background for discussions about
future skills, qualifications and positioning of information specialists.
Further topics with regard to information specialists may be, but are
not limited to:

Future Skills ?Internet engineer, screen designer and webmaster -
new jobs for information specialists? ?Teacher, psychologist, coach,
and global player ? future roles and requirements ?The ideal
information specialist ? new visions

?Qualifications of information specialists in the knowledge society
?Stay up-to-date to new information tools and channels ?Lifelong
learning ? demands and examples on further vocational education for
information specialists ?Intercultural competencies - international
education for information specialists

?Legal standards for job outlines of information specialists?
?Promotion for the important role and the relevant services of information specialists
?Participation of information specialists in the development of a democratic
information and
knowledge society
?Information specialists as architects of the virtual reality and international networks

> How to submit a paper If you wish to attend at the 10 th
> BOBCATSSS Symposium with a presentation, please send the title
> and abstract (200 words English, MS-Word file) together with the
> preregistration to:
> Abstract _at__ BOBCATSSS.org
> You may also use the postal address:
> FH Stuttgart Hochschule für Bibliotheks- und
> Informationswesen - BOBCATSSS Büro -
> Wolframstrasse 32 D ? 70191 Stuttgart Germany
> For easier understanding and classification of the abstract we ask you
> to inform us about research and methods used to prepare the paper.
> Accepted papers will be published in the symposium proceedings before
> the symposium. They have to be written in English and must not exceed
> the maximum of 10 pages. Papers for the proceedings that have not been
> submitted before the deadline of December 15 th cannot be published.
> DEADLINES Abstract to be submitted before September 15, 2001
> Notification of acceptance October 15, 2001 Paper for proceedings
> December 15, 2001


Herzliche Grüße
Karl Dietz

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