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Ausschreibung des CERL

BAYERISCHE STAATSBIBLIOTHEK                      22.01.2002
Dr. Manfred  H a n k
D-80328 Muenchen

alle Kolleginnen und Kollegen

Ausschreibung des CERL

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
liebe Kolleginnen und Kollegen,

auf Wunsch von Frau Dr. Claudia Fabian gebe ich Ihnen eine
Ausschreibung des Consortium of European Research Libraries
(CERL) zur Kenntnis. CERL betreibt den Aufbau einer Datenbank
fuer europaeische Drucke der Jahre 1501 bis 1843, die bei RLG
aufliegt. (Arbeitsplatz: England oder Wales, ca. 13

Bitte geben Sie diese Information an Kolleginnen und Kollegen
weiter, die sich hierfuer interessieren koennten.

Mit Dank im voraus


Dr. Hank

Tel.:  +49 89 28638-2244
Fax:   +49 89 28638-2804
Mail:  hank _at__ bsb-muenchen.de


Company Secretary

The Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL) was
established in 1992 on the initiative of the main research
libraries in European countries, its primary aim to improve
access to the European printed heritage. In 1994 the Consortium
was registered in England as a company limited by guarantee, in
order to create the organisational structure in which a
bibliographical database for European printing of the Hand Press
period could be developed.

The Consortium has now some 70 members in the majority of
European countries and in the USA, the database currently
includes over a million records from a variety of sources, and
there is an active file-loading programme. In this healthy state
of affairs the Consortium seeks a successor to the present
Company Secretary.

The Company Secretary is responsible for all legal aspects of
the Consortium's activities; for all membership issues; for
maintaining contact with members; and for liaising with the
Board of Directors. He/she is expected to take an active part in
the small core team consisting of the Chairman, the Executive
Manager and the Company Secretary. The Company Secretary is
responsible for the design and correct form of all material
issued on behalf of the Consortium, and shares with the Chairman
and the Executive Manager the activities relating to promoting
the Consortium. The Secretary organises Annual General Meetings
and meetings of the Board of Directors.

The Company Secretary works closely with the Executive Manager
and with the Assistant Secretary. The Consortium's office, at
present in Central London, has to be in England or Wales.
Based on past experience a part-time position is envisaged,
averaging 13 hours per week, with remuneration on a rate of
*25.- per hour.

The successful candidate will have organisational and
administrative skills, and will preferably have experience with
project organisation and / or the organisation of automated
systems. The ability to work constructively in an international
environment with respect for different cultural traditions is
essential, and a working knowledge of at least one European
language other than English is highly desirable. Good
inter-personal skills, and the ability to work effectively as a
team member, are important. A knowledge of and interest in
European historical printed materials will be an advantage. 
More information about the work of the Consortium can be found
on its Website: http://www.cerl.org.

A full job description of the post of Company Secretary can be
obtained from CERL's assistant secretary:    

Kimberley Hart
Consortium of European Research Libraries
40 Bowling Green Lane
London  EC1R 0NE 

Date of commencement of the appointee is subject to agreement,
but expected to be not later than July 2002.
Applications are to be received by 15 March 2002 at the
Consortium's office, as above. 


Listeninformationen unter http://www.inetbib.de.