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The European Library Newsletter - July 2003 no. 2

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The European Library (TEL) Newsletter 

July 2003

No. 2

News about the project "The European Library (TEL) - The Gate to Europe's
Knowledge" (www.europeanlibrary.org)
The comprehensive version of the report on the 2nd European Library Seminar
/ 3rd Gabriel Workshop is now available!

As global networks grow in significance it is getting more important to
share knowledge and standards. By combining the resources of some of
Europe's national libraries the idea of a single European Library has moved
a step closer to becoming a reality. The European Library (TEL), a 36-month
co-operative project of Key Action 3  of the Information Society
Technologies (IST) research programme will provide the groundwork on which
to build a pan-European service.

Since its foundation in 1997 Gabriel, the World Wide Web service of the
European national libraries, has established itself as the official network
service of the Conference of European National Librarians (CENL) and has
undergone a continuous development. The Gabriel website has been redesigned
and restructured and it was relaunched in summer 2002. At present, 41
libraries from 39 European countries are represented in Gabriel. Via Gabriel
access to varied information sources and numerous online-catalogues and
services by the European national libraries is offered. Gabriel is the only
trans-European library service.

Gabriel will play an important role in the development of the TELService, an
integrated search and service facility to be developed after the end of the
project phase of TEL. The project is now in its final year and this seemed
to be a good occasion to bring together all those who are involved in
Gabriel to present intermediate results of TEL, to exchange experiences, and
to discuss the further development of Gabriel and the integration with the
eventual TELService.

The comprehensive workshop report is now available on the project website
www.europeanlibrary.org, there Workshops/Conferences -> June 2003.

On behalf of the TEL project group

Dr. Britta Woldering


Dr. Britta Woldering
Die Deutsche Bibliothek
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D-60322 Frankfurt am Main
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