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[Fwd: The Implications of IT for Scientific Journal Publishing: NSFLiterature Review]

Liebe Listenteilnehmer(innen),

zwei Lesehinweise zu (Online-) Publishing:

- aus e-publishing-l der Hinweis auf "Scholarly Publishing Practice: the
ALPSP report on academic journal publishers' policies and practices":
der komplette Report ist fuer nicht ALPSP-Mitglieder kostenpflichtig;
allerdings gibt es unter http://www.alpsp.org/news/sppsummary0603.pdf
eine ich glaube 6-seitige, frei zugaengliche Zusammenfassung;

- aus "September 1998 American Scientist Forum" der Hinweis auf "The
Implications of Information Technology for Scientific Journal
Publishing: A Literature Review", der unter
http://www.nsf.gov/sbe/srs/nsf03323/htmstart.htm zu finden ist. Hierzu
forwarde ich auch die (kritische) Mail von Steve Harnad zu diesem Report
(ich hoffe, ich habe dies nicht schon mal getan??? -- es ist wirklich
arg heiss heute ;-)

Herzliche Gruesse,
Katja Mruck

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Reply-To: September 1998 American Scientist Forum
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From: Stevan Harnad <harnad _at__ ecs.soton.ac.uk>
Subject: The Implications of IT for Scientific Journal Publishing: NSF
  Literature Review
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Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 09:53:18 -0400
From: Christopher D. Green <christo _at__ yorku.ca>
Subject: The Implications of IT for Scientific Journal Publishing: NSF
    Literature Review

I thought you might find interesting in the publication announced in the
message forwarded below.
Christopher D. Green
Department of Psychology
York University
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M3J 1P3

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From: E. L. Collins [mailto:el.collins _at__ verizon.net]
Sent: Thu 7/17/2003 6:31 PM
To: E. L. Collins
Subject: The Implications of IT for Scientific Journal Publishing: A
Literature Review

The National Science Foundation Division of Science Resources Statistics
has posted "The Implications of Information Technology for Scientific
Journal Publishing: A Literature Review" (NSF 03-323) by Amy Friedlander
and R=C3=A4ndi S. Bessette at

Paper copies may be requested at http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/
(scroll down to "Need paper copies?").

Eileen L. Collins, Ph.D.;  Fellow, Center for Women and Work, Rutgers
University; and Director and Analyst, Science and Technology Studies;
1301 20th St., NW, Suite 502;  Washington, DC 20036-6002;  202-887-0964;
el.collins _at__ verizon.net

e-mail: christo _at__ yorku.ca
phone:  416-736-5115 ext. 66164
fax:    416-736-5814


MODERATOR'S NOTE: This NSF report is already quite dated. No references
since 2001, and no apparent cognizance of the OAI, BOAI, or PLoS. I
have not read it in detail, but closely enough to espy that it
misinterprets my own writing (latest reference cited is 1999 -- none
of the 22 papers since; mentions only the author page-charge "model"
and not the self-archiving initiative, conflating it, as usual, with
self-publication). On peer review they write:

    "[Harnad] argues that, while peer review is necessary for quality
    control and certification, robust digital communications technologies
    and archiving (along the model established by the Los Alamos preprint
    server) eliminate the need for publishers."

Careful readers of this Forum will by now know that that is not and
never was my "model." The sequence is:

(1) Continue publishing, as always, in peer reviewed journals.

(2) Supplement the journals' toll-access version of your articles, for
users at those whose institutions can afford to pay the tolls, with
your own open-access version, self-archived in your own institutional
(OAI-compliant) eprint archive, for those users whose institutions cannot
affors to pay the tolls.

(3) *If and when* journal publishers' toll-access revenues and hence
institutions toll-access expenditures should ever shrink to the point
where they no longer cover the essential peer-review service costs,
publishers can downsize to become peer-review service-providers only,
offloading archiving and distribution onto the institutional eprint
archives, with the peer-review service paid out of the annual
institutional windfall toll-savings.

What this means is that peer-reviewed research journal publication
in the online era reduces to peer-review service provision and
certification. What is eventually eliminated (or rather offloaded)
in the online, open-access era, is the publishers' inessential products
and services (paper, online archiving and distribution), but not the
publishers! Peer-reviewed research publication becomes (one cannot
repeat often enough) peer-review provision and certification.

Stevan Harnad

NOTE: A complete archive of the ongoing discussion of providing open
access to the peer-reviewed research literature online is available at
the American Scientist September Forum (98 & 99 & 00 & 01 & 02 & 03):


Discussion can be posted to: september98-forum _at__ amsci-forum.amsci.org

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