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Overture Announces An Even Bigger Index

Liebe LeserInnen von INETBIB,
ich weiss, es haette ein bisschen aktueller sein duerfen ;-), hier und in
anderen einschlaegigen deutschsprach. Infoforen habe ich es aber
bisher vermisst (o. verpasst?), daher:

"Overture announced on August 21 (
http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/030821/215091_1.html ) that they now have an
index, developed by FAST, of over 3.2 billion Web documents. The press
release says "In addition to increasing the size of the index by over 1
billion documents, the launch features several significant relevance
enhancements that will improve the ranking of URLs. These features include
a new method of determining how authoritative a page or site is on a
specific topic as well as overall page quality."

Remember that Overture has been bought by Yahoo. So Yahoo now has its own
searchable subject index, AltaVista's very extensive search syntax, and a
huge Web document index--larger, they claim, than Google's. It appears
they have all the marbles.

Here's the problem, however. They have to put all that together. Maybe
they can leave out Yahoo's searchable subject index and emphasis on a
variety of subscription properties, but it seems to me that they've got to
fuse AltaVista and FAST. AltaVista's powerful search syntax combined with
FAST's sizeable index and continued innovation sounds like a great
combination, but can they get it together? And if they can get it
together, how are they going to shake people loose from Google? ..."

[zit. nach: http://www.researchbuzz.com/, August 21, 2003]

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