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[Stellenausschreibung] International University Bremen



The Information Resource Center (IRC) of the International University
Bremen, is seeking 

two reference librarians, 

one each with a specialization in the humanities and social sciences and in
the natural sciences and engineering.  

The International University Bremen is a small, residential private research
university with an excellent academic program and highly motivated
international students and faculty (see http://www.iu-bremen.de/).  
The Information Resource Center is the central infrastructure unit for all
information technology, content, multimedia, web and electronic publishing
resources, activities, and services. With a small collection of physical items,
the IRC focuses on providing access to a wide range of electronic resources
and services to support teaching, learning, scholarly communication,
innovation in research and instruction. Our staff brings a mixture of high quality
librarian and information science / technology background and is familiar
with the most recent trends in information provision, information
technology, scholarly communication, multimedia and electronic publishing. 

For further information on the two reference librarian positions, please see
our web site (http://www.iu-bremen.de/working/job_openings/33702// and

Diann Rusch-Feja


Sabine Rauchmann
Sabine Rauchmann
Technical Services Librarian 
Information Resource Center

International University Bremen
Campus Ring 1
D-28759 Bremen

Phone: +49 (0)421 200 4612
Fax: +49 (0)421 200 49 4612
Email: s.rauchmann _at__ iu-bremen.de 

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