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[Fwd: Library of Congress report on the National Library Baghdad]

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A team from the  Library of Congress visited Baghdad in 
October-November 2003 to advise the Ministry of Culture on the 
National Library of Baghdad.  The report of their visit was 
distributed earlier this week:

"Library of Congress Mission To Baghdad Report on the National 
Library and the House of Manuscripts, October 27-November 3, 2003"

With the kind permission of Mary Jane Deeb, Team Leader and Arab 
World Area Specialist at the Library of Congress, the Middle East 
Librarians Association Committee on Iraqi Libraries has prepared and 
published the report on-line:

A suite of illustrations to accompany the text of the report is in preparation.

Please repost this announcement wherever there might be interest.
Charles Ellwood Jones
Research Associate - Bibliographer
The Oriental Institute - Chicago
1155 E. 58th St.  Chicago IL  60637-1569
Voice (773) 702-9537  Fax (773) 702-9853
ce-jones _at__ uchicago.edu

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