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19th CODATA International Conference, Berlin, Germany, Nov. 7-10, 2004

Conference Announcement and Call for Papers

CODATA  -  Committee on Data for Science and Technology
Of the International Council of Science - ICSU

19th CODATA International Conference

The Information Society: New Horizons for Science 

Date and Place:
7-10 November 2004, Berlin, Germany 

Conference Homepage:

submission of abstracts (see CfP below):
mailto:codata2004 _at__ dial.oleane.com  

Conference Focus:

Scientific data has always been the key to progress in science. 
And today every scientist must be familiar with, if not a master of, 
how to collect, manage, analyze and disseminate data using modern 
informatics tools. 

CODATA 2004 is THE international conference that brings together 
the most exciting new developments in scientific data work, 
especially on a multi-disciplinary basis. 
CODATA 2004 features sessions on advanced topics such as

- Data archiving 
- Data visualization 
- Infoscience technology 
- Mark-up languages for scientific information 

The information revolution however, has been more than technological
Indeed, the very soul of science has changed, forever broadening 
the horizon for scientific research. 

CODATA 2004 is THE international conference that explores these 
broad new vistas for science with presentations 
on subjects such as

- Preserving cultural data as our heritage 
- The future of the internet and science 
- Scientific discovery and data preservation 
- How data access impacts on health issues 
- Scientific data and its role in disaster management 
- Bridging the scientific digital divide 
- Scientific data and society 

In addition, CODATA 2004 has a third set of sessions focusing on 
important issues that any scientist deeply involved in data work 
must address, including 

- Security and open scientific communications 
- Privacy, ethical, legal and IPR issues 
- Scientific data and distance learning 
- Scientific data as a product 
- Preserving the virtual world - what do we save when we model 

CODATA 2004 also provides an important forum that explores 
multi-disciplinary uses of scientific data such as

- Biodiversity data resources and integration 
- Integrating and using geo-spatial data resources 
- Materials information for modern design 
- Virtual laboratories and data sharing 

We look forward to your participation at what promises to be a very

Andreas Oberweis and John Rumble, 
Co-Chairs of the International Scientific Program Committee 2004

The International Scientific Program Committee 

            Andreas Oberweis, Germany, Co-Chair
            John Rumble, USA, Co-Chair
            Toshihiro Ashino, Japan
            Nahum Gershon, USA
            Michael Zgurovsky, Ukraine

The Scientific Advisory Committee

            Walter Berendsohn, Germany
            Helene Bestougeff, France
            Gilberto Camara, Brazil
            Ana Marie Cetto, Mexico
            Bob Chen, USA
            Alexei Gvishiani, Russia
            SUN Honglie, China
            Milan Koechny, Czech Republic
            Istvan Klinghammer, Hungary
            Juliusz Kulikowski, Poland
            Krishan Lal, India
            Lulama Makhubela, South Africa
            Paul Mezey, Canada
            Kingsley Oise Momodu, Nigeria
            Hermanthi Ranasinghe, Sri Lanka
            Morakot Tanticharoen, Thailand

The Local Organization Committee 

            Horst Kremers, Berlin, Local Organization Chair
            Juergen Behrens, Berlin/Eberswalde
            Nikolaus Model, Potsdam/Berlin
            Jeff Thurston, Berlin
            Vladislav Vaintroub, Berlin


CODATA 2004 welcomes contributed papers on a wide scope of subjects 
related to scientific data. The conference continues the CODATA tradition 
of encouraging attendees to be active participants by including a variety 
of presentation formats such as oral talks, poster sessions, 
discussion sessions and panels, and demonstrations.

Contributions are welcomed for scientific data topics 
including all subjects, but not limited to:

- Basic concepts in scientific data 
- Virtual laboratories and data management 
- Knowledge discovery 
- Database technology 
- Data access and intellectual property rights (IPR) 
- Data integration 
- Visualization and graphics 
- Data quality, validation and curation 
- Data dissemination, including Web technologies 
- Interoperability and metadata standards 
- Access to public data 
- Virtual museums 
- Infoscience and data science 
- Knowledge management 
- Data policy 
- Cataloguing data resources 
- National and regional data activities 
- Industrial data needs 
- Use of data in societal decision-making

In addition, contributions are welcomed that address data work 
and issues in individual and multi-disciplinary fields such as 

- Biodiversity 
- Molecular biology 
- Drug design 
- Biosafety 
- Food science and agriculture
- Bioinformatics
- Earth and geo-sciences
- Virtual observatories
- Long-term observatories
- Global climate change
- Physical and chemical data
- Data for materials design
- Analytical instrumentation
- Environmental risk management
- Geothermal and gas hydrates
- Environmental data integration
- Energy research and resources
- Water resources
- Natural Disasters 

Submission Format 

Abstracts should include:

Title of proposed paper 
Author(s) name, title, address, e-mail, phone, and fax 
Classification of the paper by one or more of the designated topics 
listed in the above Call for Papers 
(For instance, a single specific paper might logically be grouped 
with other presentations under "Microbiological" or under "Archiving". 
Talks on multi-disciplinary topics are encouraged ) 
200 to 400 word abstract in English 
Preference for oral presentation, poster presentation or technical

Preference is for abstracts submitted by e-mail in non-formatted text. 
Submissions should be contained in an e-mail message, NOT as an attached
In the subject line of the message, place CODATA 2004 - <your last name>. 

All submissions should be sent to: 
mailto:codata2004 _at__ dial.oleane.com  

Abstracts will be accepted within 4-6 weeks after submission, 
and early submissions received before March 1, 2004, 
are considered for presentations in various plenary sessions.


FINAL Deadline for submission of abstracts is May 1, 2004 


Horst Kremers,     Engineer, Computer Scientist
CODATA International Executive Committee Member
and Chair, CODATA-Germany
P.O. Box 20 05 48,  D- 13515  Berlin

FON+FAX   +49 30 3728587
mobile    +49 172 3017404

mailto:office _at__ horst-kremers.de 
http://www.horst-kremers.de     http://www.berlin.de/english 
CODATA http://www.codata-germany.org 
DGfK    http://www.horst-kremers.de/dgfk_bb1.htm 

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