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Donald E. Knuth - Crisis in Scientific Publishing


folgende Mail ging über die SLAPAM-Liste.
Ich leite sie an INETBIB weiter, da das Thema auch hier behandelt wird.

Beste Grüsse, - Michael Jost

-------- Original Message -------- Subject: GENERAL: another CS journal board finds a reasonable publisher Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2004 13:38:53 -0500 From: Carol Hutchins <carol.hutchins@xxxxxxx> Reply-To: carol.hutchins@xxxxxxx To: slapam-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear All,

If you take a look at the home page of Donald E. Knuth,

he has a section called 'Crisis in Scientific Publishing' and a link to a
14 page letter


he wrote to his colleagues on the board of Journal of Algorithms.  This
tells his personal history with the journal, its publisher, and then leads
his colleagues through options, and ultimately a decision.  While he is too
busy, I guess, to write an update to the letter, the outcome is that the
board will establish a new title of the same scope with ACM, to be called
ACM Transactions on Algorithms.

The 14 page missive goes over familiar ground to most of us.  Nevertheless,
it is interesting reading.

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