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ERPANET Training Seminar: Programme released (Vienna, 10-11 May 2004)

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren

ERPANET freut sich, Ihnen das Programm des Seminars zu "File Formats for
Preservation" bekanntgeben zu können. Die Veranstaltung findet am 10. und 11.
Mai in der Oesterreichischen Nationalbibliothek in Wien statt.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Georg Büchler

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ERPANET is pleased to release the programme of its training seminar on 'File
Formats for Preservation'. It will be held on 10-11 May 2004 at the Austrian
National Library (Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, ÖNB). Registration is
ongoing at www.erpanet.org.

This ERPANET training seminar aims at giving an overview on preservation file
format issues and at offering guidance based on practical experience.
Requirements and best practices for archival file formats will be discussed,
and issues such as file format registries will be treated.

_Programme (Working titles)

Monday 10th May 2004: Introduction and generalities

08:40	Registration
09:40 Welcome addresses - Johanna Rachinger (Director general, Austrian
National Library) and Seamus Ross (Director, ERPANET)
  Introduction to file formats - Frank Möhle (Swiss Federal Archives)
  Requirements for Preservation File Formats - NN
12:10	Lunch Break
13:15	Guided tour through the Hall of State of the Austrian National Library
14:00	File Format registries - Adrian Brown (National Archives, UK)
  The Typed Object Model - John Ockerbloom (University of Pennsylvania)
  Decision support system for File Format Characteristics - Andreas Rauber
(Vienna University of Technology)
  Breakout session
17:00	Adjourn
19:30	Seminar dinner, hosted by ERPANET

Tuesday 11th May 2004: Practical Experiences

09:00	Office Formats: The Testbed Experience - Jacqueline Slats (Digital
Preservation Testbed, Netherlands)
  XML - Eva Müller (DiVA project, Uppsala University Library, Sweden)
  PDF/A - Susan Sullivan (National Archives and Records Administration, USA)
  Image Formats - René van Horik (NIWI-KNAW, Netherlands Institute for
Scientific Information Services)
  The Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) in Astronomy - Preben Grosbol
(European Southern Observatory, Germany)
12:40	Lunch break
13:50	Audio Formats - Dietrich Schüller (Austrian Academy of Science - tbc)
  Video Formats - NN
  Breakout discussions
  Sum Up, Closing remarks
17:00	End of seminar

_Further information

The central information source is the seminar homepage at www.erpanet.org. A
briefing paper and extensive travel, accommodation, and venue information are
available from there. After the event, the abstracts, papers, pictures, and
the seminar report will be accessible as well.

_Important travel information

The Austrian National Library has made arrangements with a number of hotels
and thus ERPANET can offer you special seminar rates, valid for bookings until
April 10. Please refer to the travel and accommodation information sheet on
the ERPANET website for the booking code and further information.
At any rate, since hotels in Vienna are usually overbooked in May we strongly
recommend you to book your hotel as early as possible.

_To register

The registration fee is 100 Euro. This comprises lunch at both seminar days,
as well as the seminar dinner on Monday evening. Refreshments will be offered
by the Austrian National Library.

Please register online at www.erpanet.org.
For additional information, please contact swiss.editor@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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